Open Discussion: August 16th, 2020

The third Open Discussion for August is here. If you don’t know, this series is all about discussing old, current, and new things happening around the world. You can post up anything about video games, movies, politics, and TV shows and will face no penalty or censorship when doing so. This series of discussions changes every week, but mainly focuses on video game culture.

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With all of that said, this Open Discussion is about video game prices rising. Seeing that EA has a class-action lawsuit filed by the U.S. District Court of Northern California against it regarding the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA and Madden, do you think the company will go through with the much talked about price hike next-gen?

Moreover, Take-Two kicked-off the conversation as of 2020 with NBA 2K21, which got Ubisoft, Capcom, and EA to think about raising prices when the PS5 and Xbox Series X drops.

If you have something else on your mind and wish to share it on this Open Discussion, you are free to post it up here. This means that content or stuff unrelated to price hikes can be shared without being moved or taken down.

This week’s music comes from Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals and is the boss battle theme: