Evangelion Creators Enter Damage Control Mode Following Blow Back to Guidelines

What’s the fastest way to get a target audience of geeks, gamers, and general weebs to immediately ignore and potentially boycott your product? Simple, announce you are censoring porn. There is a strange correlation between popularity and porn, where the more popular a character is, the more they will be lewded. After all, this is what saved Overwatch from death.

As woke as the game has aspired to be, it has maintained a solid cast of thick and attractive characters. When Studio Khara, the owners of Evangelion, released guidelines for how character art will be created and announced these rules will be enforced thanks to cooperation from Pixiv, it wasn’t exactly well-received, to put it mildly.

Not only did the announcement kill most of the hype for the project, but it actively created animosity from both Japanese and Western audiences towards the studio. After the initial blow black the studio has responded via a Twitter thread where they effectively tell users to go pound sand, the censorship will remain.

1/5) Regarding the guideline for fan creation of “Evangelion” announced the other day, I feel that only a part of it has been cut out and the intention has been distorted, so I would like to supplement it a little. First of all, this guideline does not [regulate / prohibit] fan activities including their contents. Continued>

2/5) We believe that fan activities arise from the feeling of favor and support for the work, and we have been supported by our fans for a long time. Going back in the past, we have never [regulated / banned] existing fan activities. And that attitude and thoughts will not change in the future. Continued>

3/5) We have released this because we think that we need a basic policy so that everyone who is doing fan activities can enjoy it with peace of mind. The reason why I leave the ambiguity in the interpretation is that I do not want to hinder the free activities of the fans as much as possible. Continued>

4/5) It’s a little difficult, but I would like each person to read the [text], think carefully, and continue their activities at their own risk. Continued>

5/5) We have received some inquiries, but as a general rule, we will not reply individually regarding the interpretation and operation of this guideline. Being cracked down in a community of fans is what we don’t want most. Thank you for reading to the end. End

No one likes totalitarians or fascists, so contrary to what Studio Khara has said, no their intentions are not being distorted. They wanted to cater to the puritanical crowd who have no interest in participating with their product on any level, and their real audience isn’t going to tolerate it.

Whether that will translate into any meaningful action will be seen when the movie releases on January 23rd in Japan. As the Demon Hunter movie has broken the national record for the box office for an animated film, there will be no blaming the lockdowns or fears from Covid-19. If the showing isn’t spectacular, it is either because of a lack of innate quality and/or the blowback from their censorious decisions.