WoW Classic: An Introduction to Advanced Tanking

 If you have been looking to brush up on Advanced Tanking in WoW Classic, then here is what you need to know.

If you are wanting to take a break from racking up WoW Classic gold and grinding those levels, then it might be worth looking into how advanced tanking works. There are a few factors to take into consideration to make the most of tanks, including the World of Warcraft class you choose, your profession, and gearing. 

What WoW Class Should You Choose?

If you are taking the tanking approach, then your best option is Warrior. These are considered to be the true tank class in the game, offering both helpful offensive and defensive gear for tanks. What’s more, their tier gear is catered for tanking, and they have a defensive cooldown that no other class has. 

There is the alternative of using a Druid, which is considered to be a great class for end-game tanking. They don’t have the defensive cooldowns that the Warrior brings, but they do have great offensive gearing. They can also use Dire Bear Form to reach dizzying heights of armor compared to the Warrior class. Certain WoW Classic items including Manual Crowd Pummeler also make the Druid a great choice, particularly against a number of bosses in the game. 

Advanced Tanking Gearing

Meanwhile, your gearing is something that you will want to utilize in order to get the most damage from your tank. You will need to make sure that you have the relevant gear with you to give yourself a fighting chance even in the direst of situations. 

From an offensive point of view, you will need to reach a 9% hit. This is to complete the set that you need to have for the best possible tank build. You will want to also focus predominantly on Agility since it means that you will gain both critical strike and dodge for offensive and defensive. 

Speaking of defensive, your Defence stat is important, and possibly the most significant you can focus on. Keeping your HP up is vital to avoid being one-shotted by any bosses, and there are also perks such as increasing your parry and dodge slightly. Armor is vital too and provides a more straightforward entity to your character. Simply put, the more Armor stats you have, the less damage you are going to be taking. 

Also, worth keeping in mind is Stamina/HP. We mentioned earlier about being one-shotted by bosses, but if you are going to be focusing on your HP, then you aren’t going to have to be worrying about being squashed by any untimely shots from bosses. 

What Profession to Choose

The good thing about professions is that they are able to provide ways in which you can fill in any gaps in your character’s abilities. One such profession is Engineering, which can allow you to produce the likes of Dense Dynamite and Goblin Sapper Charge. What makes these important is their ability to create an AoE threat, which is something that you don’t see much of in WoW Classic. 

Another way to create useful AoE is Force Reactive Disk. This is available to the Warrior class if you have taken our advice and chosen them, and is able to hit many mobs in one use. You could also consider using Arcanite Dragonling to be made to add to your raid damage output. 

Another profession to consider is Alchemy since you can make some effective potions to help your offensive and defensive stats. There’s the Greater Stoneshield Potion that will increase armor by 2000 for a couple of minutes, or you can increase your damage output with the Mighty Rage Potion. 

So if you are going to look into Advanced Tanking, then it is strongly recommended that you overall go for the Warrior Class, and shift focus to the stats above where gearing is concerned. It may take time to find the right fit, but it will give you the chance to become a force to be reckoned with, as you journey through the game earning WoW Classic gold, slaying many monsters, and immersing yourself in one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time. 

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