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1430950cookie-checkAdaeus: Rogue Planet Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

Adaeus: Rogue Planet Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

OMGWTF Games recently took to Steam Greenlight to put up Adaeus: Rogue Planet. The new PC indie game is heavily inspired by classic 2D platforming games like Metroid, and seeks votes on Greenlight.

It is quite clear that Adaeus: Rogue Planet follows in the footsteps of any other indie roguelike metroidvani,a 2D pixel, randomly generated world with infinite amounts of customization games. Although that sounds promising on paper, most indie devs fail to even show proper gameplay of their project, or let alone add any of the above features in their games later down the line.

One thing that is surprising with Adaeus: Rogue Planet is that the devs have been working on this game for some time and actually reveal in-game footage of the overly used features noted above.

But first, you can learn what Rogue Planet is all about by reading the official description below.

“Play as Darius Cayne in Adaeus: Rogue Planet, a 2D sci-fi Metroidvania roguelike platformer with an emphasis on RPG elements and tight platforming action. Investigate the appearance of a new power source in order to save your colony. Customize your attacks with mod chips, solve environmental puzzles, brave challenge rooms, and uncover the secrets of the rogue planet, Adaeus.”

For comparison purposes, you can see how far along the game has come by first checking out an older video from two years ago showing Adaeus: Rogue Planet in its Pre-Alpha stage.

The second video above comes in by OMGWTFGamesDev. The new video below is more recent and aims to promote the 2D side-scrolling action game’s entry on Steam Greenlight, revealing new features and updates such as upgrading weapons, the main base and much more.

If Adaeus: Rogue Planet seems like something worth voting for you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to help support the game. If you want to gather more information regarding the devs and Rogue Planet you can hit up

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