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1507110cookie-checkCuphead Sales Top 5 million Copies According To Studio MDHR

Cuphead Sales Top 5 million Copies According To Studio MDHR

Yes, it has been two years since our favorite games journalist Dean Takahashi, who proclaims that he has been gaming for over 15 years, faced off with Cuphead’s tutorial. However, unlike Takahashi, Studio MDHR has not been stuck when it comes to selling the 2017 2D platform game for PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

In fact, the company managed to tack on 2 million more copies ever since August 2018. In other words, last year around this time, the game had 3 million copies under its belt and fast-forward to Q3 2019, and Studio MDHR is boasting 5 million copies of Cuphead being sold.

In addition to sales, the game’s launch year saw it accrue 2 million units back in 2017. Suffice it to say, Cuphead seems to be an attractive game even without ongoing marketing or Dean Takahashi updating us on why he got jammed on the game’s tutorial.

Anyway, to celebrate Cuphead’s second birthday and update fans on current copies sold, the following tweet stands to relay the aforesaid information:

Besides sales and anniversaries, the forthcoming expansion for Cuphead isn’t due out soon. That’s right, folks excited to jump into whatever the devs have intended for gamers this year will sadly have to wait. Although the wait time is a year, the devs offered a snippet of gameplay of what’s to come via a teaser trailer back in July:

With all of that said, Cuphead’s DLC that was set to release this year and now due for launch sometime in 2020 will hit PC via Steam and GOG, Xbox One, and Switch.

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