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Last Day Of June Gameplay Walkthrough

505 Games and Ovosonico’s The Last Day of June is out and available right now for the PlayStation 4 and PC. If you’ve been mulling over playing the game or you already own and need some help, there’s a walkthrough guide available to help you get through the emotionally-charged, story-driven game.

YouTuber Nokzen has a full video playlist available covering Last Day of June from start to finish. You can check it out below.

The game starts with Carl and June at the dock while the sun sets. You can stand up and walk up the dock back toward the car to get a sweater for June. Most actions are done with a single button or two, usually either ‘X’ or Square on PlayStation or ‘E’ or ‘Q’ on PC.

When you head back to the car go around to the passenger side to get June’s sweater.

After June gives Carl the present, the game will flashback where you’ll briefly play as June and have to go answer the door and get the present from the old man.

Once you take the present you can either place it on the table in the kitchen, on the counter below the stairs, in the storage room upstairs, in the sitting area nar the window or on the nightstand in the bedroom. If you go into the storage room and attempt to place the present on the desk near the picture of the dock, this will trigger a short cinematic and June will then schedule to give Carl the present at the dock.

The game will switch over to Carl, where you can check the painting room, or go upstairs and look at the portrait of the dock, which will trigger the cutscene and see Carl and June go down to the lake for the afternoon.

Before Carl can open the present, a thunderstorm begins to roll in and the two head back to the car to drive home. After driving through the tunnel the game’s title will finally pop up.

In the next segment, Carl is back home, alone. His stomach growls like a beast desperate to dine on a king’s feast. However, if you roll Carl into the kitchen, there’s no food in the refrigerator.

You can find a can of food on a shelf in the kitchen.

Head into June’s workshop to look for the can opener. Rummage through the box near the painting to trigger the flashback memory.

The first memory will show a little boy running down a hill into the street to get his soccer ball, which is what caused June and Carl’s car to swerve off the road and crash.

The flashback will end and the room’s paintings will light up. Carl can go outside and there’s a series of memories that will light up as you roll through the nearby area. Interact with these memories around the village area.

Once you get done with the main memories, head back inside and go to the painting room again and the painting on the far left should be activated. Touch it to “Save Her”.

The portrait of the little boy will showcase events from his perspective, including how no one wanted to play ball with him or fly his kite.

Following the cinematic, use the rope on the side of the wall to climb down the tree-house.

Get the soccer ball from the back of the house and then head out front and play catch with the dog.

If you keep playing catch with the dog you’ll discover that the dog throws the ball down the hill and that’s what causes the boy to run out into the road.

You can rewind the memory and try it again, except instead of playing fetch with the dog, go up the road to the old man and talk with him.

Throw the soccer ball at the green flower vase by the church doors. While the old man is distracted, quickly run over and grab the rope and use it to climb down so you can get close to the kite stuck in the basket.

Head back up toward the gate and unlock it. Go back to where you last threw the ball and pick the ball up. Head back down to the kite in the basket and throw the ball at the kite to lodge it free. Take the kite back up to the old man and talk to him so that the old man and the boy can fly the kite instead of the boy playing with the dog.

This action will help resolve the issue with the little and bring Carl back to present day.

Go into the portrait room again and activate the picture of June.

When you do, you’ll realize that June still dies that day because of the lady with the boxes on the ground that causes them to crash.

Go outside and activate the other glowing memories in order to unlock the next portrait.

The portrait will glow once all the memories have been properly activated.

The one lady with the blonde hair actually has a crush on Carl. She’s extremely shy, however.

She’s packing up to leave the little village and begins to load all her stuff into the blue truck.

She has one more package to put into the truck. You’ll have to open the door first and then go outside with the box.

Take the box outside and set it down before you reach the gate. Go around and open all of the gate paths leading back around to her house. This will allow you to walk out the front gate instead of slipping on the leaves while carrying the box.

Proceed to place the box into the slot on the side of the blockade to raise it so you can get through to the other side. There’s a rack in the stack of leaves just beyond the gate. Take the rake and remove all the leaves from the pathway.

Place the rake back in the pile and then take the box out of the slot and place it into the back of the truck.

Talk to the old man and little boy about the rope for the truck. The boy will not give up the rope for the lady.

Head back to the truck and start it up. You can then drive the truck out out onto the road. Since she was unable to secure the boxes, they fall out of the truck and into the street, thus causing the accident.

You can then replay the segment with the boy, but if he doesn’t fly the kite with the old man he will still cause the accident with Carl and June.

Replay the segment with the blonde-haired lady once more, this time take the rope from atop the hill where the old man is located and use the rope to bind the boxes on the truck. Start up the truck and head down the road.

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