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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Farewell Walkthrough And Choices

If you pre-ordered Life Is Strange: Before The Storm or purchased the digital deluxe edition, you would gain access to a special bonus episode called “Farewell”. The episode is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC users. A gameplay walkthrough is available for those who were curious about the choices and options.

YouTuber MKIceandFire put together a short playlist for the Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Farewell episode, which you can check out below.

The start of the episode sees Chloe and Max blowing up the Barbie dolls in the middle of the room with a firecracker. You can either tell Chloe it’s the coolest thing ever or that she’s insane.

After the credits you’ll need to examine the junk in Chloe’s room. You can either examine or trash some of the stuff. You can trash the board game but Chloe will force Max to put it back on the shelf.

You also can’t trash the shark animal either – Chloe will force Max to put the shark back. Chloe will also tell Max not to throw away the magic set.

Once you get done arguing about trashing items that Chloe won’t let you trash, you can lie down on the bed or tell Chloe that you’re ready to leave.

Your first big decision will come with the option to tell Chloe that you’re leaving or tell her later.


After listening to the pirate tape you’ll have to find the pirate map. The map was supposed to be in the notebook but the page is ripped out. You’ll find the map in a book to the left side of the mirror. Simply “Examine” the book.

The game very blatantly has you to go find the amulet before heading outside. You have to head through the broom closet in order to get into the attic. The broom closet is literally directly in front of Max once you exit Chloe’s room.

Grab the plastic crate from the corner and place underneath the attic hatch. Go into Chloe’s parents room and there’s a stool by the wardrobe. Take the stool to stack it on the plastic crate.

Take the books off the shelf in the hallway and use them to stack them up on the foot stool.

When you get up inside the attic you can snap a photo of the amulet from the other side of the attic. Simply walk to the far left side of the room and push the box out of the way to squeeze through.

Pull the desk, and then pull the dresser out of the way. Then push the desk back, and pull the cooler out of the way. Pull the cooler again and you can squeeze through to get the amulet.

You’ll be able to choose to walk the plank or go land ho when you finally get outside and talk to Chloe.

Give Chloe the amulet but the amulet won’t stick. You’ll need to find some tape to stick the amulet onto the telescope.

If you examine Bongo’s grave and then go over to the flowers in the tire, you can place one of the flowers on Bongo’s grave.

You’ll find the tape over in the corner near the glue buckets.


You’ll need to rotate the lens using the left and right bumpers and then align the image with the telephone pole and the then tell Chloe to go to Max’s right.

The duo will dig up a time capsule with a bunch of stuff inside from Chloe’s dad, Bill.

You’ll be able to examine every single item inside of the time capsule, including the tape, Billy the squid, the letters, predictions, and more.

There are also two distinctive endings, once you get done looking at all the stuff in the time capsule.

You’ll have the choice of telling Chloe about leaving or not. If you don’t tell her, she’ll plan to go to the beach with Max, as pointed out in the video below by RabidRetrospectGames.

However, Chloe and Max never get to go to the beach, because Chloe’s father gets killed in a car accident.

After visiting the funeral, Max’s parents take her away to Seattle. Alternatively, if you tell Chloe about moving she will reveal that she already knew because her parents told her. However, the emotional bond between the two will be broken up with the news that Chloe’s dad is dead.

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