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1491070cookie-checkSoska Sisters Suspended On Twitter For Sharing Image Of Their Horror Movie Rabid

Soska Sisters Suspended On Twitter For Sharing Image Of Their Horror Movie Rabid

[Update 7/24/2019:] The Soska sisters Twitter account has been restored.

[Original article:] Jen and Sylvia Soska were temporarily suspended from Twitter for posting a preview image of the prosthetic effects used for their upcoming Canadian horror movie Rabid. The duo were recently suspended on July 9th, 2019 as they’ve been promoting the film and highlighting their achievement of making the cover of Rue Morgue.

Conservative Jack Posobiec posted up the news about the suspension, noting that the two directors of Rabid were suspended for the trailer. However, it wasn’t actually the trailer that put them in Twitter jail.

If you check the web cache for the duo’s Twitter account, you’ll find that they already had the trailer posted up and pinned to the top of their account on July 4th, 2019.

They were also advertising the debut of the film at this year’s Fright Fest.

Twitter user Dragonstar noted, however, that the two were suspended for posting up the image from the Rue Morgue magazine featuring the prosthetic effects from the film, and that’s what landed them a suspension from Twitter.

It’s true.

Dread Central had a follow-up on July 10th, 2019 reporting that the two sisters made a comment about their Twitter suspension over on their Facebook page. In the post the sisters wrote…

“Bad girls. We’ll be back. But man, those @mastersfx1 prosthetics in #Rabid must be medically accurate to get us suspended for advertising our World Premiere with a FrightFest banner [Featured Image]. I like how that makeup could be on the cover of @ruemorguemag & @fangoria, but shut down on Twitter. Wild world we are living in.


“Wish y’all didn’t do it right as we dropped our first trailer and are advertising the premiere, but we’re not a huge studio movie – this kind of weird stuff happens. If you could be #Rabid on Twitter in our absence, we would appreciate it.”

So basically, sharing imagery from movies that Twitter deems too graphic can net you a suspension, even if you’re the director of the film.

What’s funny is that if someone wanted to take a page out of the “Progressive” playbook, they could accuse Twitter of being misogynists by trying to suppress the creative works of women.

Anyway, you can check out the full trailer for Rabid below.

The horror flick is due out at the end of August after it premieres at Fright Fest.

Getting suspended on Twitter might actually help with the promotion of the film given all the publicity that non-Leftists, and anti-Regressives have been giving to the censorship issues plaguing social media lately.

Hopefully some regulatory measures are finally put into place so that big tech can no longer exploit the immunity safe harbors that they’ve been afforded, all while they stifle, suppress, and censor without impunity.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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