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1431730cookie-checkSpirit Rush From PagodaWest Games Set To Launch Soon On iOS

Spirit Rush From PagodaWest Games Set To Launch Soon On iOS

PagodaWest Games is currently hard at work on Sonic Mania, which is due for release next year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (and hopefully the Nintendo Switch, too), but before they indulge in the nostalgia of a classic franchise rekindled for both the new and old generation of gamers, they have a brand new title on the horizon due to launch next week for iOS called Spirit Rush.

The game is a little like other titles like flOw or Snake or maybe even a 2D version of Nights Into Dreams. The game centers around avoiding being taken down by enemies flying around in the forest while you ride a spirit, collecting points through hoops and keeping the rider safe.

If you get hit then the little baby on the spirit’s back flies off with a countdown timer. It’s very much like Yoshi’s Island, insofar that the Yoshis had to keep the Mario Bros., safe and if they were hit then the babies would fly off and they would have to retrieve them before the wizards came flying down to steal them away.

You can get an idea of what PagodaWest Games’ new title looks like in action with an all-too-brief 24 second gameplay trailer below.

This intermediary stop-gap between the iOS release and Sonic Mania is just a hold-over until the real meat and potatoes drop next year.

Gamers are undoubtedly excited about the upcoming 2D platformer from the small development studio, especially after they had previously done work on the fan-made Sonic 2 HD project and later worked on their own 2D platformer called Major Magnet.

Spirit Rush is a slight deviation from the platformers they’ve worked on, but it still operates within a similar realm of their Sega-inspired games.

The indie developers have plans on getting the game up and out on the iTunes App Store soon, and you can keep an eye on the game by visiting the official website for more info.

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