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1426660cookie-checkWWE 2K17 Creation Suite Trailer Shows Revamped Editing Options

WWE 2K17 Creation Suite Trailer Shows Revamped Editing Options

2K Games released a new trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K17, featuring all of the creation tools available in the game. They cover everything from wrestlers and movesets, to arenas and belts, along with everything else in between.

For as far as the Create-a-Superstar mode is concerned, you get more than 128 part points and up to 60 layers to utilize for your character. You get multiple attire slots and can choose the body type and build of your superstar.

There are quite a few options for the characters, from crazy facial hair to Wyatt-family style hair. They quickly preview some of the ring attire that players can equip, from MVP’s bodysuit with shorts, to the singlet, to the t-shirt and kilt, to the Nature Boy’s robe. There’s quite a bit of diversity when it comes to options. Lots of cool ring boots have made the cut as well, including multiple colors for the different layers of the boots.

The custom logo maker for the outfits is also really slick. Being able to add various materials and liveries to the customs easily gives gamers a lot more options in how they create their superstar. You can check out the video below.

The new Create-a-Moveset is also a nice addition to the game, enabling gamers to quickly pick and choose a moveset for a wrestler instead of manually modifying a move for each match. This means if you’re going against a certain wrestler, you can quickly choose a set best suited for that opponent, which is nice.

The Create-an-Arena mode has made a return, allowing gamers to setup the titantron, the arena size, the ring, the ramp and the accompanying set. The sets range from all sorts of different designs, from No Way Out back in 2001, to No Mercy from 2005, to Over The Edge at 1998, as well as a variety of Wrestlemania venues, the options are practically limitless.

The Create-A-Video for your custom character is pretty cool. Now instead of having another superstar’s titantron video on display, you can put together your own custom video to match your character.

Other standard creation tools like the Create-an-Entrance are obviously back. You get to choose quite a few options for the character, though. This includes a header, a wall, a banner, the entrance music, titantron movie, ribbon movie, the motion and more. They even have legends videos and entrances from way back in the day, which is pretty awesome.

The Create-A-Victory is there, too. Now you can customize how your character celebrates matches after they win.

WWE 2K17

One of the more celebrated features from previous iterations is also back: Create-a-Championship.

Gamers will start with a template belt and then from there add in and add on all sorts of ornaments and designs to give the belt the exact kind of look you want. Heck, you can even create the WWE Universal Championship belt that everyone loves so much, which looks like the WWE World Championship on its period after it forgot to clean up after itself.

I imagine a few of the first belts anyone will create is the CWC belt – and it looks absolutely gorgeous, by the way – and the new WWE Smackdown Tag-Team Championship belts, which also look amazing.

Creating a show has returned, and you can have it cycle in with the rest of the shows or have it standout as a pay-per-view if you want.

The custom creation toolsets look great, but my biggest issue with WWE 2K17 is the stilted wrestling. They really need a new engine, preferably something physics based. They can keep all the wrestler models, arena assets and everything else, but the wrestling itself really needs an overhaul. Something like WWF No Mercy would be glorious.

Anyway, you can look for WWE 2K17: Welcome To Suplex City to launch on November 10th, 2016 in Europe for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Expect the PC version to arrive next year in the spring.

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