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What Tech Does A Professional Gamer Need?

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post] In the past, being a professional gamer was simply an unrealistic dream teenagers had….

Lawsuit Moves Forward Regarding Escapist Editor-In-Chief Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right Comments
The Escapist

A former contributor for The Escapist, Robert Marks, is moving forward with the libel suit against the new owners of…

Tencent Global Community Manager Nick Zasowski Accused Of Sexually Harassing Women
Gamergate Nick Zasowski

[Update:] Tencent provided a statement on the matter, confirming that Nick Zasowski has been suspended while they investigate the situation,…

The Witcher’s Netflix Writing Staff Decide To Get Woke For Social Justice On Social Media
The Witcher - Netflix

Everyone leery about the upcoming live-action Netflix rendition of The Witcher, which is going to be based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s…

Open Discussion: September 2nd, 2018

Kicking off the month of September comes the weekly Open Discussion series. This very Open Discussion focuses on a list…

Brown University Retracts Press Release On Trans Study Following Complaints
Watch Dogs 2

Brown University is coming under fire from two different groups. In the first case, the university was pelted by Social…

Vince DiCola Premiering New Game Soundtracks At Whiskey-a-Go-Go Concert
Vince DiCola

Vince DiCola – a legendary name in the music business for anyone who cares about quality soundtracks from media entertainment…

Webmasters Beware: Google Implements New Shadowban Filter For GNews

Just because you’re approved to be on Google News no longer means you’ll appear on Google News. Google has been…

DC Comics’ Robbi Rodriguez Sends Butthole Pictures To #ComicsGate Activists
Goddess Mode

DC and Vertigo Comics’ Robbie Rodriguez, a co-creator for Zoe Quinn’s Goddess Mode, as well as a co-creator for Spider-Gwen,…

VG 24/7 Deputy Editor Kirk McKeand Engages In Public Transphobia Over Arkane Studios Article
Kirk McKeand VG 24 7

VG 24/7’s deputy editor Kirk McKeand decided to take shots at a trans journalist for publishing an article about the…

Culture clash: How Arkane Got Stuck Between Two Competing Ideologies

[Note: The following article was composed with the consent of multiple sources within Arkane/Zenimax. This is based on verified testimonies…

Crunchyroll Shuts Down High Guardian Spice Forum Thread For Getting Too Political
High Guardian Spice

Crunchyroll is on a roll lately when it comes to getting stuck in the mud of controversy over an originally…

Open Discussion: August 26th, 2018

This week’s Open Discussion is here and focuses on one of the biggest European game conventions in the month of…

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