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Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Says He’s Not A Big Fan Of Islam And Thinks Wearing A Burqa Is Stupid
Jim Jefferies

Comedian Jim Jefferies took digs at Islam during an interview he had months ago with Jewish content creator Avi Yemini….

Writer Meg Jayanth Condemned #GamerGate, Blamed Gamers For New Zealand Shooting During GDC Speech
Meg Rayanth GamerGate

The writer of 80 Days and Sunless Skies, Meg Jayanth, took to the stage at this year’s GDC Independent Games…

Anti-#GamerGate Developer John Kane Apologizes For Sexual Misconduct
John Kane GamerGate

Anti-gaming activist, anti-#GamerGate critic, feminist ally, and Australian game developer, John Kane, has had no qualms about publicly condemning gamers…

After Getting Woke Syfy’s Wyonna Earp Is On The Verge Of Going Broke
Wyonna Earp

Praised by Left-wing critics and Social Justice Warriors as a show about proper representation and diversity, IDW Publishing’s Wyonna Earp…

Voat Blocked In New Zealand; Internet User Arrested For Sharing Video Of Christchurch Shooting
New Zealand Christchurch Censorship

New Zealand authorities have deemed it illegal to discuss or share the manifesto and video footage of the Christchurch shooting….

Pewdiepie Unfollows Everyone But BTS After Death Threats Were Sent To Followers Due To Media Hit-Pieces
PewDiePie Targeted

[Update:] According to Tim Pool, Pewdiepie didn’t unfollow everyone to mitigate the death threats they were receiving, but he did…

Disney Cosplay Group Will Ban Users For Darkening/Altering Skin Tone Because It’s Offensive
Darkskinned Cosplay

This is kind of a wee bit outside the standard video game news, but a Disney Facebook group for cosplayers…

YouTube Removes Nutaku’s Entire Channel

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku had their entire YouTube channel nuked on March 19th, 2019. Niche Gamer picked up the news…

Apex Legends Only Became Popular Because EA Paid Streamers Like Ninja $1 Million To Stream It
Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends was only popular because Electronic Arts paid streamers like Ninja $1 million to…

ResetEra, Eurogamer, Newsweek Attempt To Ruin Devil May Cry 5 Voice Actors’ Careers
Devil May Cry 5

Voice actor Joey Camen is the voice of Morrison in Capcom’s latest Devil May Cry 5 outing. Certain forums and…

Prostasia Publishes Rebuttal To U.N’s Attempt To Criminalize Anime While More U.N. Rape Stats Surface
Loli vs UN

A lot of weebs, anime nerds, lolicons, shotacons, and artists were up in arms about the United Nations’ draft proposal…

Twitter Sued By Congressman For $250 Million, Alleges Shadow Bans Influenced 2018 Elections
Devin Nunes

California’s 22nd congressional district representative Devin Nunes has sued Twitter for $250 million, for allowing bad actors to interfere with…

Burger King, ASB, Spark Reportedly Pull Ads From Facebook, Google For Not Censoring New Zealand Shooting
New Zealand Shooter Google Facebook

Even though major social media services have been censoring the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting since it happened, apparently the censorship…

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