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Immortal: Unchained Cheats Give You Infinite Money, God Mode
Immortal Unchained Cheats

Toadman Interactive tried their hand at making an AA third-person hack-and-slash shooter called Immortal: Unchained. Instead of having Hollywood-sized set…

Vibhinn Goes After Some Fireflies With a Pew-Pew Gun

A game where you’ll mostly be opening drawers, doors and inspecting their contents. Possibly also running away from an anonymous…

Hidden Layer’s Inmost Atmospheric Platformer Announced
Hidden Layer

What’s common to a Knight in shining armor, a Creature that eats pain for breakfast and an overly inquisitive Stranger?

A Hired Drifter, a Delusional Cabbie and a German Lawyer Walk Into Mnemon City

Story-driven. Brutal 2D Action-Platformer-Puzzler. Neon-Synth World.  Those are marketing terms you’d typically associate with the game, but developer Milad Ghafarian…

Can Sergio Leone Help El Hijo Find Ma?
El Hijo

Spaghetti? The Wild West? Stealth?  Sergio Leone is El Hijo’s inspiration and so it isn’t any surprise that the entire…

Mukti Underscores Indian Heritage and a Very Persistent Social Issue

At first glance it might seem that Mukti’s premise bares very little relevance to the term’s Hindu, Buddhist and/or Jain…

Shikhondo, Asian Mythology Bullet-Hell Shooter Arrives For PS4, Coming Soon To Switch

EastAsiaSoft, DeerFarm, Nephilim Game Studios and Digeratiy Distribution announced that Shikhondo: Soul Eater is currently available in Japan and Hong…

Grimshade Settles on Ree’Fah

What makes Grimshade’s unusual setting ‘unusual’ as Talerock Studio touts it to be? Well for one, that sniper is really…

Vampyr Will Not Use Any Denuvo Tech

It looks like gamers will not face Denuvo anti-tamper tech or any DRM when Vampyr launches on June 5th. Folks…

Madmind Studio Reveals Agony’s Story Trailer

Madmind Studio has released a new story trailer for its horror-survival game Agony. If you want a good look at…

Disgaea 1 Complete Heads To Nintendo Switch, PS4 This Fall
Disgaea 1 Complete

NIS America announced that starting this fall both PS4 and Nintendo Switch owners will be able to pick up a…

Looking for An Apartment? Try Twin Soul’s Purgatory
Twin Soul

Yeah staring down a strangely clean, squeaky desolate hallway might be an all-too-familiar endeavor for horror enthusiasts at this point.

Why Thanks, Kaliban. Now Crying Suns Has Me Intrigued.

Let’s run with this little theme of concepts a little while longer, please?

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