Writers Wanted For One Angry Gamer

Game News Writers Wanted!

Enjoy reading One Angry Gamer? Would you like to write for One Angry Gamer? Well, we have a starting position open that offers $150 a month, for one article a day, for each day of the month. If you want to apply  then feel free to shoot us an e-mail at Staff[at]OneAngryGamer[dot]net.

You don’t need previous writing experience, but if you have some then that would be great. This is mostly a starting gig for people who want to get their feet wet and test the waters writing about games or gain a little bit of experience in the field.

Your only requirements are to produce at least one news article a day that’s at least 300 words. It can be about any topic in the realm of gaming, ranging from game announcements to game trailers, or previews and opinion pieces to listicles or editorials. So long as the content revolves around video games or technology you’re good to go.

If you can construct a legible sentence in English, italicize a product’s name like this, and write 300 words on a topic of your choice, then you’re practically qualified for the job.


If you want the opportunity to get in on the gig, contact us at Staff[at]OneAngryGamer[dot]net