SJW Sexual Misconduct Master List

SJW Sexual Misconduct

This is an ever-growing repository of Social Justice Warriors, anti-#Gamergaters, anti-#Comicgaters, virtue signalers, and male feminists who turned out to be accused, charged, or arrested for sexual misconduct. Proceed with caution.


Alan Martofel – Feminist apparel CEO who fired his staff for exposing his history of sexual abuse

Alex Lifchitz – Male feminist who dated Zoe Quinn and hated #GamerGate was allegedly labeled as an abuser.

Andy Signore – Honest Trailers creator and male feminist was fired for sexual misconduct [Update: In a video, Signore posted evidence that the claims of misconduct that led to his firing were fabricated]

Andrew Creighton – Vice Media’s former president who was suspended for sexual misconduct

Anthony White – Fake journalist jailed for soliciting underage girls

Christopher Goldberg – Former Neogaf mod convicted of possessing child porn

David Smith – U.K., politician and Social Justice Warrior who advocated for gender neutral bathrooms, charged with nine counts of child sex offenses

Devin Faraci – Alamo Drafthouse critic who was staunchly anti-#GamerGate resigned after sexual harassment claims surfaced

Dustin Marshall – Podcaster for Feral Audio who apologized for stalking and abusing women

Eric M. Esquivel – Fired from DC Comics following string of allegations of sexual abuse

Francisco Van Jole – anti-#Gamergate editor-in-chief at who was investigated for attempted rape

Iain Kidd – Fired for possessing child pornography

James Portnow – Extra Credits creator accused of abusive harassment

Jamie Kilstein – Citizen Radio co-host and anti-#GamerGate critic resigned after sexual allegations of sexual misconduct

Jann Wenner – Rolling Stone Magazine co-founder accused of gay sexual assault

Jason Mojica – Vice Media’s documentary producer who was fired for sexual misconduct

Jason Ward – Making Star Wars editor-in-chief accused of inappropriate conduct with female fans.

John Kane – Apologized for sexual misconduct involving medicated ex-partner

Josh Sargent – Former editor at and anti-#GamerGate activist who was accused of misconduct

Juan Thompson – Intercept journalist who wrote a hit-piece against #GamerGate was sentenced to five years in prison for making bomb threats

Julian “Dreamland” – Apologized for sexual misconduct involving a minor

Leslie H. Wexner – Replaced a longtime employee who refused to add transgender models to their fashion shows, only to get #MeToo’d in an Epstein scandal.

Lockhart Steele – Vox Media’s editorial director responsible for overseeing the #GamerGate hit-pieces was fired for sexual misconduct

Louis CK – Comedian SJW had HBO programs removed following string of sexual misconduct reports

Mark “Turps” Turpin – CEO of Yogscast accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct

Matt Hickey – Forbes writer convicted of raping women for over 10 years

Matt Conn – Midboss CEO and GaymerX founder who resigned due to sexual misconduct scandal

Matthew “Caff” Meredith – Yogscast contributor and male feminist who was fired for sexual misconduct

Michael Hafford – Vice Media journalist who wrote multiple #GamerGate hit-pieces was fired following multiple reports of sexual assault

Mike Germano – Vice Media’s CDO who was fired for years of sexual misconduct

Nick Zasowski – Tencent community manager accused of sexual misconduct

Nick Robinson – Polygon video producer fired for flirting online

Peter Bright – Ars Technica journalist charged with soliciting kids for sex

Rupert Myers – Anti-#GamerGate journalist for the Guardian was fired for sexual harassment

Sam Kriss – Vice Media journalist who was fired and kicked off the Labour Party for multiple reports of sexual abuse

Shane Butler – Indie developer who was imprisoned for producing and distributing child pornography

Sunil Patel – Anti-#GamerGate author who was dropped by his publisher following abuse allegations

Toni Rocca – Midboss’ new owner who was also accused of sexual misconduct

Promise Delon “Valis77” Redmond – A moderator for Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency Twitch channel and registered sex offender for soliciting child sex.

Vincent Ingenito – Former IGN editor-in-chief who was fired following sexual misconduct allegations

(Thanks for the news tips Victor Gordon, TankedThomas and Mombot)

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