Sony PS4 Censorship Policy – Censored Games Master List

Sony PS4 Censorship

Sony’s PS4 censorship policy has affected a number of games, those that were supposed to release in the West, those that have released in Japan, and even those that released in China, ranging from games rated E10+ all the way up to games rated ‘M’ for Mature. According to the developer of Silverio Trinity, the censorship certification forms must be completed in English, which has proven to be difficult for some developers in Japan.

Sony Japan’s president, Atsushi Morita, claimed that the censorship regulation was due to “global standards“, and this was reiterated by a spokesperson for Sony in America who confirmed the censorship policies and said they were in place to protect young people. The censorship policies have no mandated rules, though, and games are judged on a case by case basis by an executive censorship officer.

This is all despite the fact that there are no global standards for censorship regarding violence, language, or sex. Also, none of the LGBTQ games have been censored on the PS4 even though some regions prohibit the promotion of LGBTQ content. Games like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey also weren’t censored for any of their graphic content. Nevertheless, this exhaustive  list chronicles the games that have been affected by Sony’s censorship policy.

PlayStation 4 Games

Arch of the AlchemistCensored

Blade Arcus Rebellion From ShiningBox Art Censored

Blue ReflectionCensored

Brave NeptuniaCensored

Catherine: Full BodyCensored

Conception PlusTouching Censored and Classmating Censored

Date A Live: Rio ReincarnationCensored (art book is also Censored)

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: ScarletCensored

Death End re;Quest 2Censored

Devil May Cry 5Censored (only in Aus/Euro regions)

Dragon Star VarnirCensored

Final Fantasy VIII RemasteredCensored

Game Tengoku CrusinMixCensored

Haruoto Alice GramCensored

Labyrinth LifeCensored

LoveR – DLC Costumes Censored

Mary Skelter 2Censored

Million Arthur: Arcana BloodCensored

Nekopara Vol. 1Censored

Nora to Ouju to Noraneko HeartCensored

Omega Labyrinth ZBanned in U.S., Europe

PlayStation Static and Dynamic Themes – Censored

Raspberry CubeCensored

Saku Saku Love Blooms With The Cherry BlossomsCensored

Silverio TrinityCensored

Sengoku Hime 7: Sen’un Tsuranuku Guren no Ishi – Nipple Pokies Censored (PS Vita version for ref)

Senran Kagura: 7EVENCensored

Senran Kagura Burst Re:newalCensored

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection  – Box Art Censored

Super SeducerBanned

Terminator: Resistance – Sex scenes Censored

Williams Pinball Vol. 2Censored

YU-NOCensored (In the West)

Yuragi-Sou No Yuuna-SanCensored

Zanki Zero: Last BeginningCensored

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