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David J.: David is primarily a music reviewer, writing most recently for Contactmusic, but also enjoys video games, especially sports games. David’s favorite games include ‘Medieval 2: Total War’, ‘Need for Speed: Underground 2’, and ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’. He also loves the Madden NFL series and other EA Sports titles.

EthanEthan: A newcomer in the gaming industry, Ethan loves World War II games, JRPGs and other action titles about as much as he loves cats. He’s a contributor to One Angry Gamer’s regular news postings. If you need to get in touch you can reach out using the OAG Contact Page.

JamesJames Meldrum: James is a game development college graduate and lifelong gamer. James is looking to use his knowledge however best he’s able to in whatever field he pursues. As it so happens, that makes for great game reviews. You can get into contact with James by visiting the Contact Page.

Kevin: Seething Chaos of gaming, Kevin has spent an entire lifetime gaming and weebing. You’ll find Kevin has a penchant for uncovering corruption and following games that veer into the sci-fi and cosmic horror genres. If you need to reach out or get in contact, be sure to use the Contact Page.


Matthew SmailMatt Smail: Matt is a 34 year old gamer from the north of England. He has worked in the games industry for 18 years and loves consoles dating right back to the NES, as well as PC and handheld gaming in almost all forms. He has a soft spot for Nintendo, for deep strategy and for board and card games both digital and physical. Need to get in contact with Matt? Use the contact page or reach him on Twitter.

Nick MonroeNick Monroe:  Monroe offers insight and in-depth looks at various aspects of gaming. He has contributed some complimentary research to sites like The Escapist, as well as regularly written for sites like GameRanx. Monroe focuses mostly on detailed oriented articles. You can reach him through Twitter or by using the One Angry Gamer Contact Page.

NickNick: Helping provide news, previews, reviews and info on new and upcoming indie titles and mainstream games, Nick’s passion for gaming and eye for detail extends across various genres and styles. If you have pressing matters to address with Nick, be sure to use the OAG Contact Page.


Ryan: Never count out Ryan when the going gets tough. He’s been playing games for a lifetime and writing about them for more than a decade. Games are art, console wars are dumb and polar bears are left-handed. Need to reach out? Look no further than the One Angry Gamer contact page.

Sean BraganzaSean Braganza: Computer Engineer turned freelance content writer/editor, community manager, and PR person, Sean’s oddball tastes are often piqued by a variety of independent projects and unique games that he enjoys rambling about on One Angry Gamer. Need to reach out? You can do so through the Contact Page.


Val Rubi Profile Val Tuler: A lover of fun things and someone who loves to write. Val has a penchant for mobile phones, smart devices, and tablets, believing that there’s nothing like writing about something you enjoy doing during your off time, like apps on the iPhone.