Steam Waifu Holocaust 2.0 Banned Game List
The Key To Home

Various games have been inconsistently hit with Valve’s ban-hammer after they labeled them as being “legally grey” or featuring “child exploitation” in “high school” settings, even though some of the games that have been banned don’t feature characters under the age of 18 and some of them don’t even take place in high school.

To further complicate matters, some of the games that have been banned were neither hentai nor contained any pornography. In simple terms, Valve banned some games that weren’t even adult-oriented titles. You can see the list of games below that have been banned by Valve even after they said that they weren’t going to be the “taste police“.

Ayura Crisis!Banned

Cartagra: Affliction of the SoulBanned

Cross Love – Episode 1Banned

d20: Sweet Roll ClubBanned

Domination QuestBanned

Emily’s AdventureBanned

Fap CEOBanned

Food GirlsIndefinitely Delayed

Gay Nation: A Gay Game For GaysBanned

Girls PuzzleBanned

Glory of the Self-Styled Diehard GirlBanned

Gods of HentaiBanned

Hello, GoodbyeBanned

Hentai NationBanned

Hentai School LifeBanned

High School FantasyBanned


Kara no Shojo 2Banned

Koikatu: International EditionBanned

Late-night Nurse CallBanned

Love ShootBanned

Maidens of MichaelBanned

MaoMao Discovery TeamBanned

Mega Milk StoryBanned

Moe ReversiBanned (was censored and resubmitted) and Banned Again

Monster Mashing DeluxeBanned

My Bullied BrideBanned

My Erotic SummerBanned

My GirlfriendBanned

Nightblade ErinBanned

Niplheim’s Hunter: Lust Brand Prostitute DLCBanned

Noble & Knightess – Episode 1Banned

Ona-Ken! InternationalBanned


Rabbit ThiefBanned

Rance VI & Rance 5DBanned

Rape DayBanned

Sakura TempestBanned

Saydi And The Ancient ForestBanned

Star GuardiansBanned

TenkiameIndefinitely Delayed

The Key To HomeBanned

The Orcs Strike Back!Banned

The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary of ShameBanned

This Is My StoryBanned

Victory ProjectBanned

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