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Kirby Star Allies For Nintendo Switch Will Feature Free Post-Launch Character DLC
Kirby Star Allies

During the Nintendo Direct that took place on March 8th, 2018, Nintendo announced that there will be multiple playable characters…

Golem, 2.5D Puzzle-Platformer Arrives On Steam This Spring
Golem Game

Canadian game developers Longbow Games announced that their 2.5D puzzle adventure game, Golem, is set to launch on PC this…

Little Nightmares: The Residence Gameplay Walkthrough
Little Nightmares The Residence Walkthrough

Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares had the latest DLC, called The Residence, made available for gamers. It’s an easy bit of…

Escape Doodland Is A Doodle And Scribble Endless Runner Coming To Steam
Escape From Doodland

AppSide Down and PlayWay S.A.’s Escape Doodland is an upcoming endless runner with action-oriented arcade platforming with support for single-player…

The Forbidden Arts, 2.5D Action-Platformer Enters Early Access On Steam
The Forbidden Arts

Stingbot Games has announced that their 2.5D action-platformer, The Forbidden Arts, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. Ads…

Hidden Dragon Legend, 2.5D Brawler Leaps From PS4 To Steam
Hidden Dragon Legend

Oasis Games announced that the 2.5D side-scrolling brawler, Hidden Dragon Legend, has officially launched on Steam. The game originally came…

The Forbidden Arts, 2.5D Fighting Game Enters Early Access February 7th
The Forbidden Arts

Stingbot Games’ The Forbidden Arts is a 2.5D, action-adventure fighting game. Imagine taking the combo-laced, fireball-throwing antics from Street Fighter…

Hollowpoint, 2.5D Shooter Development Picked Up By Red Kite Games

If you enjoyed Shadow Complex from Epic Games and have been craving more 2.5D shooters, Red Kite Games announced that…

Little Nightmares: The Hideaway Gameplay Walkthrough
Little NIghtmares The Hideaway Walkthrough

Tasier Studios and Bandai Namco announced that Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC expansion is currently available for those who own…

Chaos Souls, 2.5D Anime Action Game Arrives On Steam
Chaos Souls

VisualNoveler’s Chaos Souls is a 2.5D action-anime game where you take on the role of a cat-girl named Eris who…

My Friend Pedro Gameplay Clips Highlight Some Outrageous Acrobatic Gunplay
My Friend Pedro

DeadToast Entertainment has been posting up some new images for the upcoming 2.5D John Woo-inspired acrobatic shooter My Friend Pedro….

Hive: Altenum Wars, Gravity-Defying 2.5D Hero Shooter Enters Early Access
HIVE Early Access

Hive: Altenum Wars is a 2.5D hero shooter. The hook for the game is that the action takes place in…

Hyper Universe, Side-Scrolling MOBA Enters Early Access August 24th
Hyper Universe

Nexon and Cwavesoft announced that Hyper Universe, the side-scrolling, PvP MOBA title, will enter into Early Access on Steam starting…

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