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My Friend Pedro, Over-The-Top Gun-Fu Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch In June
My Friend Pedro

One of the most highly anticipated shooter games currently in development by Deadtoast Entertainment and set to be published by…

FAR: Lone Sails, Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Arrives On Xbox One, PS4 April 2nd
FAR Lone Sails

The 2.5D side-scrolling adventure puzzle game, FAR: Lone Sails from Mixtvision and Okomotive, will launch on the Xbox One and…

Wenjia Combines Dimension Hopping And 2D Platforming For PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Chinese development outfit Dilemma Studios announced that their game Wenjia is scheduled to release later this year for the Xbox…

Happy Corruption Sends Best Regards to Betsy. With a Toilet Plunger

It’s Monday morning so pardon me if I’m not seeing this right, but an infected milk station in the middle…

Trailer For Giant Ant’s Cancelled Game Surfaces
The Game That Never Was

A while back a trailer for Giant Ant’s 2.5D adventure platformer surfaced, featuring a character traveling through a number of…

Phil Fish Has FEZ Removed From GOG.com
Fez Phil Fish

Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation contacted GOG.com and requested for them to remove his game FEZ from the digital store.

Mega Man 11 Boss Trailer Arrives, Will Use Denuvo At Launch

Back in May, we learned that Capcom announced the release date for the new Mega Man game Mega Man 11….

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Gains 16 Minutes Of Gameplay

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, an upcoming 2.5D platformer, has a new gameplay video out. The game in question is…

E3 2018: My Friend Pedro Was Inspired By Equilibrium And Max Payne
My Friend Pedro - Equilibrium

Kurt Wimmer’s 2002 sci-fi action film, Equilibrium, and Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne, have been the inspiration for Hat Juggler’s My…

Mega Man 11 To Release On PC, PS4, Xbox One, And Switch On October 2nd

Mega Man 11 finally has a release date. The side-scrolling action game will launch later this year during the fourth…

FAR: Lone Sails Gameplay Walkthrough
FAR Lone Sails Walkthrough

Mxtvision and Okomotive’s FAR: Lone Sails made its way onto Steam for PC. The game is a mixed breed of…

Golem, 2.5D Puzzle-Platformer Launches On Steam May 29th
GOlem Release Date

Longbow Games announced that their 2.5D puzzle-platformer, Golem, is prepping to launch on May 29th at the end of the…

FAR: Lone Sails Will Launch With Digital Soundtrack, Artbook DLC
Far Lone Sails

Okomotive and Mixtvision announced that their side-scrolling, 2.5D traveling survival game, FAR: Lone Sails, will launch for PC starting next…

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