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Action Taimanin’s Akiyama Rinko Has Her Outfits Censored
Action Taimanin Censorship

Reports have come in that Akiyama Rinko, from Lilith’s mobile gacha game, Action Taimanin, is censored. More accurately, some of…

Action Taimanin Outfits Censored For iOS Release
Action Taimanin Censored

Lilith’s Action Taimanin has been receiving some fair praise for its high-end visuals, sexy characters and quality control mechanics. However,…

Action Vs Taimanin Trailer Trades H-Scenes For Hack-And-Slash Action
Taimanin Asagi

Lilith and Gremory released new gameplay footage for the mobile version of Action Vs Taimanin, featuring the three main heroines…

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