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Prostasia Publishes Rebuttal To U.N’s Attempt To Criminalize Anime While More U.N. Rape Stats Surface
Loli vs UN

A lot of weebs, anime nerds, lolicons, shotacons, and artists were up in arms about the United Nations’ draft proposal…

U.N. Official Arrested For Molesting Teen While U.N. Proposal Continues To Target Loli, Anime
UN Loli

The United Nations’ OHCHR draft proposal for the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child is…

SJWs Temporarily Get Nick Rekieta Banned From Twitter For Supporting Vic Mignogna
Vic Mignogna lawsuit - Art by https://twitter.com/Ar_En_Artist

Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta was banned twice from Twitter in a matter of hours. First he was banned for a…

Netflix Working On Dragon’s Dogma Anime
Dragon's Dogma Anime

Netflix will be producing a number of animated projects based on other live-action shows and video games, including an anime…

Japan Times Rehashes Anime News Network’s Spurious Coverage Of Vic Mignogna Despite Lawsuit
Vic Mignogna

Certain media outlets continue to persist with the narrative that the allegations against anime voice actor Vic Mignogna are legitimate….

Masterani.me Shuts Down Due To Certain Circumstances
Anime Crying

The war on anime continues. Popular anime streaming streaming website, Masterani.me has officially shut down. The website originally was no…

Vic Mignogna Fan Rebuts MarzGurl For Misrepresenting Convention Footage To Smear Vic
Vic Commoners Coffee

Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has been dragged through the mud by accusers, the media, and fellow voice actors, many…

Lawyer Starts GoFundMe For Vic Mignogna Legal Defense In Light Of Damaging Claims
Vic Mignogna lawsuit (Copyright Funimation)

[Update 2/20/2019:] Vic Mignogna posted a tweet confirming that the GoFundMe has been setup for legal expenses and that he…

SWATting Hoaxer Samantha Inoue-Harte Was Allegededly Involved In Funimation’s Vic Mignogna Investigation
Samantha Inoue-Harte

Funimation voice actress and Saiko Studios head, Samantha Inoue-Harte, was discovered to have been involved in a SWATting hoax. According…

Assassination Classroom Manga Banned From School Library Due To Recent School Shootings
Assassination Classroom

A parent complained to the administrative staff at the library for the Markham Intermediate School in Graniteville, Staten Island, after…

U.N. Proposes Initiative To Ban Loli, Shota, And Underage ‘Drawings And Cartoons’
Loli Lure UN OPSC

The United Nations has proposed an international initiative for all involved State parties to tighten their restrictions and prohibition of…

Rising Of The Shield Hero Had No Outrage Controversies In Japan, Says Kadokawa Producer
Rising of the Shield Hero

During an Ask Me Anything with Kadokawa business producer, Junichiro Tamura, over on the Anime sub-reddit, which took place on…

Anime News Network Staff Defends Labeling YouTuber Clownfish TV As Fascists, Nazis
Anime News Network

Anime News Network’s editor-in-chief, Mike Toole, recently came under fire for claiming that certain YouTubers such as Clownfish TV were…

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