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Forbes Says Supporting Black Panther Isn’t Enough, Moviegoers Need To Support Bad Diversity Movies
Black Panther

Moviegoers have already been asked a huge sacrifice by countless activist critics and journalist to support a movie like Marvel’s…

Black Panther Has Moderate Opening In China, But Many Chinese Call It Boring
Chinese Hate Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther has been over-promoted in an attempt to reach $1 billion at the box office internationally. The film…

SJШs Criticize Black Panther For Not Having LGBTQ Scenes
Black Panther

The media maybe fawning over Black Panther greatly in order to create racial divides and convince non-black people to skip…

Rotten Tomatoes Will Censor Negative “Hate Speech” Reviews Of Black Panther
Black Panther Censorship

It’s being widely reported that Rotten Tomatoes is now trying to police the user ratings for the upcoming film Black…

Black Panther Trailer Reveals A Sci-Fi Africa And Plenty Of Villainy
Black Panther Trailer 2

Marvel Entertainment unleashed the second major trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie. This film is coming out during a…

Black Panther’s First Trailer Goes For A Darker Marvel Movie Tone
Black Panther

The first trailer for the MCU rendition of the famed Black Panther superhero comic book character seems to have separated…

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