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Overwatch 2 PVE Will Push The Narrative Forward, Sojourn To Be At The Center Of Story

Overwatch 2 will see the PoC character in the header image, Sojourn, play a central role in the main story….

Overwatch 2 Game Director Responds To Fans Calling The Sequel An Expensive Expansion Pack

When Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon 2019, there was a lot going on with the developer and China. And…

Diablo 4 Will Reportedly Have Ganking, Non-Super Balanced PVP, And Limited Trading

The Chinese loving Blizzard Entertainment is currently working on Diablo IV, and while it’s still under the development hood, the…

Don’t Forget About What Happened To Blitzchung

“Where are you, Nick Monroe?” I’m on Telegram/Minds/GAB/Parler. But mostly Telegram. SUPPORT on Paypal and SubscribeStar. It was the perfect storm….

World Of Warcraft Comes Under Fire From Congressman Lou Correa For “Racism”
World of Warcraft

Whenever non-gamers get a small whiff of gaming they nitpick on what they can find to exacerbate the problem by…

Diablo 4 Will Be Always-On Just Like Diablo 3
Diablo 4

One of the biggest issues that gamers initially had with Diablo 3 was that the game launched as an always-on…

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Add More Racial Customization Features
World of Warcraft Racial Customization - Blizzard Entertainment

It needs to be repeated and repeated often: Liberals are the most racist people on the face of the planet….

Blizzard Issues Another Bogus Apology

BlizzCon 2019 kicked off today by attempting to mitigate their human rights violation with an apology from J. Allen Brack,…

Blizzard Loses Mitsubishi Sponsor After Sanctioning Hearthstone Champ For Supporting Hong Kong
Blizzard Mitsubishi

Blizzard has lost a major advertiser according to recent reports, with Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan pulling out just ahead of BlizzCon…

World Of Warcraft Guild “Make Azeroth Great Again” Name Censored By Blizzard
Trump World of Warcraft

Censorship seems to be Blizzard’s go-to idiosyncrasy in recent times, especially when it comes to anything related to expressing a…

World Of Warcraft 15th Anniversary In Taiwan Delayed
World of Warcraft Event

China’s cold war against Taiwan and Hong Kong continues, as they use American corporations to punish gamers for the geopolitical…

Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 Rumors Point To BlizzCon Announcements

With Blizzcon only a few weeks away any news no matter how sketch teasing potential huge releases should be massive….

Congress Issues Bipartisan Letter Calling Out Blizzard Over Chinese Collusion

In dubious fashion when people were heading home last Friday, Blizzard released their statement on the Blitzchung incident outlining their…

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