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Discord’s New Code Of Conduct Prohibits Using “Retard” And “Nigga” In Partnered Servers Starting April 18th
Discord Dumpster Fire

Published screenshots from a Discord conversation between partnered server hosts and Discord’s staff revealed that they have plans to enact…

YouTube Terminates Anti-SJW Channel Top Hats And Champagne For “Hate Speech”
Top Hats and Champagne

The anti-SJW YouTube channel, Top Hats & Champagne Bar, has been terminated by YouTube for “hate speech”.

New Zealand Deems Christchurch Shooter Manifesto Illegal, Sharing It Could Result In Jail Time
Manifesto Illegal

The New Zealand government has deemed the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto illegal, which is basically what he wanted. The idea was…

Google Stadia Will Insulate “Toxic” Gamers From The Rest Of The Platform
Google Stadia

Google’s Phil Harrison, the general manager over Stadia, revealed in a recent interview that the Stadia team will be addressing…

Crystar’s Western Release On PS4, Steam Gets Hit With Censorship Early
Crystar Censorship

FURYU Corporation and Spike Chunsoft are planning on releasing the game Crystar in the West for the PlayStation 4 and…

New Zealand’s Whitcoulls Removes Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life Due To Christchurch Shooting
Jordan Peterson

New Zealand bookstore Whitcoulls has removed Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life in response to the Christchurch shooting that took…

YouTube Begins To Auto-Demonetize Mortal Kombat 11 And Dead Or Alive 6 Content
Mortal Kombat 11 Burqa Battle

[Correction:] While the wording says that the content is “demonetized”, we’ve been informed that it’s more like “limited monetization”, as…

Editorial: The Unofficial Japanese Media Embargo
Japan Embargo

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Chaotic Thinker regarding the recent censorship and content suppression sweeping through the…

Twitter Temporarily Banned Journalist Brad Glasgow For Using “Learn To Code” Hashtag During Appeal
Learn 2 Code

You can’t even use the hashtag #LearnToCode when attempting to appeal on behalf of getting someone unbanned. Journalist Brad Glasgow…

Voat Blocked In New Zealand; Internet User Arrested For Sharing Video Of Christchurch Shooting
New Zealand Christchurch Censorship

New Zealand authorities have deemed it illegal to discuss or share the manifesto and video footage of the Christchurch shooting….

YouTube Removes Nutaku’s Entire Channel

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku had their entire YouTube channel nuked on March 19th, 2019. Niche Gamer picked up the news…

Dead Or Alive Sub-Reddit Bans All Lewd Images And Videos Of Marie Rose, NiCO, Honoka
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 - Marie Rose Loli

While anime fans, weebs, gamers, and lolicons are currently locked in a battle against the U.N., who is trying to…

Super Real Mahjong PV Pulled From Switch eShop For Nudity That Wasn’t Compliant With CERO
Super Real Mahjong PV

The Nintendo Switch Japanese exclusive of Super Real Mahjong PV was recently pulled from the Nintendo eShop for falling out…

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