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Blitzchung Interview Discussing Hearthstone E-Sports Censorship Gets Censored From Reddit

Whenever topics of censorship get censored it really makes it clear just how corrupt, forsaken, and worthless the gaming industry…

Action Taimanin’s Akiyama Rinko Has Her Outfits Censored
Action Taimanin Censorship

Reports have come in that Akiyama Rinko, from Lilith’s mobile gacha game, Action Taimanin, is censored. More accurately, some of…

Boobs In The City Banned From Steam
Boobs In The City Banned

Super H Game and Eroges’ erotic third-person shooter, Boobs In The City, was one of the games recently banned from…

Patreon Bans Koikatsu Party, Emotion Creators Mods For “Sexualizing Minors”
Koikatsu Party

Lewd mods for Koikatsu Party and Emotion Creators have been banned by Patreon’s Trust & Safety team. The reason given…

A Hand In The Darkness Finally Banned From Steam
A Hand In The Darkness Banned

A lot of games have been banned from Steam for seemingly innocuous or unclear reasons, especially anime-themed games. A few…

Nick Fuentes Permanently Demonetized By YouTube For “Hate Speech”
Nick Fuentes

Nicholas J. Fuentes has been permanently demonetized by YouTube. The company also announced that he would be restricted from livestreaming…

Instagram Censors Iranian Journalists For Posting About Soleimani

Various Iranian journalists and influences have taken to complaining about Instagram’s censorship of their posts referring to or reporting about…

Interspecies Reviewers Uncensored Version Pulled Before Airing
Interspecies Reviewers

The international airing of Interspecies Reviewers, also known as Ishuzoku Reviewers, is already receiving some fairly positive feedback from viewers….

Mythic Quest Trailer Turns Off Comments As It Embraces Unfunny Feminist Propaganda
Mythic Quest

Apple TV’s new Mythic Quest show doesn’t seem much like a comedy, rather than the mad-ramblings of a Twitter sperg…

“Healthy China 2030” Seeks To Limit Violence, Sex, And Gambling In Video Games

I’m sure most of you are thinking, “This will be restricted to China, right?” Well, seeing how many companies Tencent…

Brazilian Judge Bans Netflix’s First Temptation Of Christ To Curb Violence [Update]
First Temptation of Christ Banned

[Update 1/10/2020:] Supreme Court Judge Dias Toffoli overturned the original decision by Judge Benedicto Abicair to ban The First Temptation of Christ…

Fire Pro Wrestling World Hitler Mods Get Censored From Steam Workshop
Hitler Fire Pro

Something fishy is going on in the community of Fire Pro Wrestling World. Gamers have discovered that Adolf Hitler mods…

Utawarerumono: Mask Of Deception Will Be Censored On Steam
Utawarerumono Censored

In an unfortunate twist to the good news that Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception was heading to Steam, it was also…

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