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Sleeping Giants Continues Quest To Deplatform One Angry Gamer, Gateway Pundit
Sleeping Giants

Nandini Jammi, the co-founder of the Sleeping Giants organization, is continuing her quest to defund and deplatform any website that…

Twitter Locks James O’Keefe Account For Reporting On Member Of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign
James O Keefe

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe helped uncover some of the biggest stories within the past decade, including Google’s attempt to manipulate…

My Hero Academia To Change Maruta Shiga’s Name Following Complaints From SJWs
My Hero Academia

Weekly Shonen Jump and the author of the manga My Hero Academia have issued apologies for the reveal of one…

Twitter Suspends User For Using “THOT” Because It’s “Hateful Conduct”
Twitter THOTs

Twitter is constantly escalating what they consider to be “hateful conduct”. Terms like the “Homocaust” will net you a one…

Halo Moderators Censor Users From Discussing Bans Doled For Criticizing Black History Event
Halo Racist

We used to play video games to escape from the agitprop doled out by the Left-wing lunatics in mainstream media….

Halo Gets Woke By Celebrating Black History Month And Bans Users Who Don’t Agree
Halo Racist

343 Industries decided to race-bait with a woke propaganda campaign for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam, openly stating…

Zero Hedge Perma-Banned From Twitter Following Witch-Hunt By Buzzfeed
Zero Hedge

Buzzfeed blogger Ryan Broderick led a witch-hunt against Zero Hedge to get them suspended from Twitter due to their accurate…

House Party, Koikatsu Party, VR Kanojo, Nekopara, And More Blocked In Germany
Super Naughty Maid 2 Blocked In Germany

Reportedly a bunch of games have been blocked in Germany due to the Landesmedienanstalt Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein. This is what’s being stated…

Funimation Removes Interspecies Reviewers
Funimation Interspecies Reviewers

Funimation has reportedly pulled anime series Interspecies Reviewers, which is based on the popular ecchi manga. The reason they pulled…

LoveR Kiss Skirt Physics Lessened To Avoid Upskirt Shots On PS4
LoveR Kiss

It was already confirmed some time ago that the PlayStation 4 version of LoveR Kiss was going to be affected…

Funimation Promises Uncut Version Of Tsugumomo But Delivers Censored Version
Tsugumomo Censored

Funimation promised an uncut Blu-ray version of Tsugumomo, but they delivered the censored version of the boxed copy after customers…

Anime Detour, Anime Milwaukee, And Colorado Anime Fest Ban Ahegao Clothing
Ahegao Ban

Ahegao clothing just can’t catch a break these days. Three more anime conventions have banned ahegao clothing, or rather, clothing…

Meteor World Actor Banned From Steam… Again
Meteor World Actor Banned

DMM Games and Heliodor’s Ryueesei World Actor, known in the West as Meteor World Actor, has been banned from Steam……

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