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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comic Sees Democrat As A Super Hero Fighting Against The GOP
Alexandria Cortez Comic

A lot of comic book readers latched onto #ComicsGate to help support independent comic book artists because large publishing outlets…

Lady Alchemy Comic Book Creator Martina Markota Deplatformed By Chase Bank
Lady Alchemy

Republican performance artist and comic book creator Martina Markota recently revealed that she has been dropped by Chase Bank.

Assassination Classroom Manga Banned From School Library Due To Recent School Shootings
Assassination Classroom

A parent complained to the administrative staff at the library for the Markham Intermediate School in Graniteville, Staten Island, after…

DC Comics Cancels Second Coming Comic Featuring Jesus Following Petition From Christians
Second Coming

Christian Justice Warriors petitioned DC Comics to pull Mark Russell and Richard Pace’s six-issue series called Second Coming, because they…

Alterna Comics Founder Peter Simeti Gets Swatted And Embroiled In #ComicsGate Culture War
Alterna Comics

The founder of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti, found himself on the receiving end of a live-stream SWATting. He survived the…

Harley Quinn Comic Takes Aim At #ComicsGate, MRAs, Conservatives
Harley Quinn

DC Comics’ Harley Quinn: Who Let The Cats out dropped and it isn’t going over well with fans at all….

Goddess Mode Interview On The Verge Fails To Disclose Relationship With Zoe Quinn
Goddess Mode

All throughout late 2014, gamers complained that media outlets had an incestuous relationship with the subjects they usually covered. Even…

DC Comics Censors Heroes In Crisis #7 Poison Ivy Cover Art Following SJW Outcry
Heroes in Crisis #7 Censorship - credit DC Comics

People continue to say that Social Justice Warriors don’t exist, or that “they have no power”, as if they’re some…

DC Cancels Border Town Following Co-Creator Eric Esquivel’s Sexual Abuse Allegations
Border Town Cancelled

DC Comics and Vertigo Comics have announced the cancellation of the comic book Border Town following the news spreading about…

Border Town Co-Creator Eric M. Esquivel Accused Of Sexual Abuse
Eric M Esquivel

Vertigo Comics’ Border Town has cooked up all sorts of controversy since release, but not all of it for good…

A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library Gets Cancelled After SJW Outrage Mob Expedite Its Demise
A Suicide Bomber In The Library

Publisher Abrams was set to release the graphic novel A Suicide Bomber Sits In The Library, which was written by…

Diversity And Comics YouTube Channel Gets Hit With Multiple Copyright Strikes
Diversity and Comics

Diversity & Comics is a YouTube channel ran by comic book creator Richard C. Meyer. The channel has grown to…

Astonishing Gaters Tries To Parody ComicsGate By Promoting More Diversity, Inclusion
Astonishing Gators

Social Justice Warriors believe that #ComicsGate is evil because comic book fans want to read good comic books without Left-leaning…

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