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Kickstarter Withholds Funds To Project New Life Due To Payment Processing Problems
Project New Life

Push Publication’s Project New Life romance doujin managed to complete its Kickstarter run, totaling $16,612 to bring the erotic tale…

Comic Writer Christopher Sebala Tries To Sell Judge Dredd Badges, Gets Called Out By 2000 AD
Judge Dredd

“Rules for thee, not for me” is the way the typical entitled postmodernist thinks. They create this massive, interweaving web…

Kickstarter Denies Lonestar Comic Crowdfund For “Discriminating” Against MS-13
Lonestar vs Kickstarter

Mike S. Miller attempted to get his comic book Lonestar crowdfunded through Kickstarter. He was denied that opportunity by the…

Marvel And Games Workshop Partner Up; Warhammer Comic Coming In 2020
Marvel and Games Workshop

Marvel Comics and Games Workshop have partnered up together to create a comic book series based on the Warhammer franchise….

DC Comics Hires Zoe Quinn For Deathbringer Comic
Donna Troy

DC Comics has planned a series of spin-off comics based on The Batman Who Laughs called The Infected. The one-shots…

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade Comic Featuring Gay Kiss Banned In Rio
Avengers The Children's Crusade

Rio de Janeiro mayor, Marcelo Crivella, ordered Marvel’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade to be banned from the Riocentro Bienal do…

Rod Fergusson Wants To Expand The “Gears” Series Into Comics And Movies

In a recent interview, the Hollywood Reporter was able to catch up with The Coalition studio head and creative director,…

Ardanna, Sexy Sword And Sorcery Comic IndieGoGo Campaign Is Cutting It Close
Ardanna Comic

Wyatt Holliday and D. Flores’ Aradanna is a new comic book IP set within the world of sword, sorcery, and…

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Comic Turns Poison Ivy Black, Promotes Feminism
Harley Quinn Breaking Glass

More race-swapping, this time it’s DC Comics. Mariko Tamaki and Steve Pugh’s Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, which is due out…

Vampirella Comic Makes It Into The Top Charts, Proving Good Story And Sex Appeal Still Sell
Vampirella Sales

While Marvel and DC compete for which company can find a way to bottom out their sales first with woke…

Zoe Quinn Hired By Marvel For Hellcat’s Fearless Story
Fearless 3 Hellcat Zoe Quinn

After Hellcat had a 81% year-over-year sales decline way back in 2017, Marvel cancelled the comic. Comics don’t stay cancelled…

Alyssa Wong Deleted Around 45,000 Tweets But Not One Saying F*ck Stan Lee
Alyssa Wong

Bounding into comics wrote an article highlighting that Alyssa Wong was hired by Marvel Comics despite calling C.B. Cebulski a…

Young Justice: Outsiders Cartoon Makes Kaldur Gay, Turns Halo Into A Bisexual Muslim
Young Justice Outsiders Gay

If you think that Marvel is the only one slamming on the accelerator of Social Justice propaganda, think again. DC…

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