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Aurion’s Digital Tie-In Comic Is Now Available Online
Aurion Legend of the Kori Odan

Kiro’o Games Studio released a prequel tie-in comic for their RPG beat-’em-up, , designed to entice manga fans. The comic…

Marvel’s EXILES Comic Turns Thor’s Valkyrie Into A Black, Queer, Tankard
Marvel Exiles - Valkyrie

Marvel’s Valkyrie used to be the strong, sexy, Norse-themed warrior who fought for Asgard. She was the straight, white female…

Polygon Writer Kieran Shiach Rallies SJWs To Take Down Diversity And Comics’ Patreon
Polygon SJW

Kieran Shiach, a contributor for Polygon and Comic Book Resources, has been rallying his followers and others within the SJW…

Marvel Cancels Luke Cage Comic; Writer Acknowledges Very Poor Sales As Culprit
Luke Cage Cancelled

After 170 issues, Marvel is pulling the plug on Luke Cage. The long running comic book hero will have his…

Comic Writer Alex De Campi Blames White Males For SJW Comics Failing
Judge Dredd - SJW

Comic book writer Alex de Campi – famous for having written Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd, Ghost in the Shell, Archie…

Some Of Marvel’s SJW Comics Are Getting Cancelled
America Chavez

Retailers have been complaining to Marvel all year long about awful sell-throughs for the sociopolitically-charged (and basically full-Left leaning) comic…

SJW-Themed G.I. Joe Comic Cancelled; Writer Blames Alt-Right Extremists
IDW Cancels GI Joe

IDW Publishing has recently cancelled G.I. Joe: Scarlett’s Strike Force before the series even debuted on retail shelves. It’s set…

Marvel Comics Replaces SJW Editor-In-Chief With C.B. Cebulski
CB Cebulski

Former editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso is out. Marvel Comics is replacing Alonso with the VP of brand management,…

Violence Erupts At Pizza Parlor Following Threats From SJWs, Says Ethan Van Sciver
Gotham City Pizza

A pizza parlor was vandalized as part of a failed attempted break-in. This happened shortly after threats of violence were…

DC Comics Reviving Hanna Barbera’s Snagglepusss As Gay Social Justice Warrior
Snagglepuss Gone Gay

Hanna Barbera’s Snagglepuss is being revived as a six issue comic under the DC Universe label, written by Mark Russell….

Retailers Take Marvel To Task Over SJW Comic Books At New York Comic-Con
Marvel SJW Diversity

Apparently things got heated at the New York Comic Con Q&A panel where Marvel’s executives answered questions from regional retailers….

SJWs Rush To Defend GI Joe Comic Writer As Fans Call For Firing

Social Justice Warriors across social media and the Leftist-entertainment media sector have come out of the woodwork to defend IDW…

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Adding SJW Muslim Super Hero To Fight Back Against Trump
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow producers have decided to take an intended political stance and conspicuously include a more socially…

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