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Kickstarter Project’s $85,000 Ran Out A Long Time Ago, Says Zoe Quinn
Zoe Quinn Kickstarter

In October of 2016 Zoe Quinn and Chuck Tingle managed to secure $85,448 to make a live-action FMV game. In…

Axiom Verge Devs Claim They’re Owed $200,000 From Badland Over Distribution Deal
Axiom Verge Retail Release

[Update 3/18/2019:] According to the CEO of Badland Games, he claims that he has plans on paying the full amount…

MasterCard Drops ‘MasterCard’ Name From Branding Amid Deplatforming Controversy

MasterCard announced that they will no longer be using the word “MasterCard” with their branded logo. Yes, they will be…

Activision Is Being Investigated For Market Fraud
Activision Fail

Activision is being investigated for securities market fraud and other unlawful business practices, according to a report from Market Watch.

EA Refuses To Honor Origin’s Refund Policy For Star Wars: Battlefront
Great Game Guarantee

One gamer is stuck in a pickle as he’s not being granted a refund for Star Wars: Battlefront after he…

Reddit Moderators Remove Post Exposing Bethesda’s Violation Of GDPR Article 7
Bethesda GDPR Article 7 Violation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect since May of 2018. However, not every company, business,…

SouljaGame Systems Are A Hot Mess, Featuring Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo ROMs
Soulja Boy Handheld

Soulja Boy released his SouljaGame Handheld and SouljaGame Console to a lot of mixed reviews, but mostly with a lot…

Police Raid Starbreeze Studios For Insider Crimes
payday 2

Following the news that Starbreeze Studios was restructuring after the financial failure that was Overkill’s The Walking Dead, and that…

Bethesda Mistakenly Doxed Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition Customers
Fallout 76 Dox

The people who have been attempting to get refunds, resolution, and/or replacements for the bags that were promised but never…

Parasite In The City On Steam Is A Scam, Says Original Dev
Parasite in the City

The original developer of Pixel Factory made a short blog post about the upcoming Early Access version of Parasite In…

Prismata Dev’s GDC Presentation Teaches Indie Devs How To Manipulate Reddit Votes
Prismata Reddit

Elyot Grant, the founder and CEO of Lunarch Studios, the makers of an indie title Prismata, did a GDC presentation…

Troll Groups Paid To Sow Political Tension Via BLM, Alt-Right, NRA Propaganda, States Reports
Russian Trolls

Black Lives Matter, attacks for and against the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration topics, attacks for and against Muslims, and Blacktivism…

New Glass Dev Claims SakuraGame Attempting To Sell Game Without Permission
New Glass 3DCG

The adult-themed 3D doujin from T Japan called New Glass was almost going to get a Western release via publisher…

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