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Echo Tokyo: Phoenix R18+ Dystopian Cyberpunk Visual Novel Lands On Nutaku
Echo Tokyo Phoenix

It’s not often we get high-quality, story-driven, cyberpunk H-games. It seems like those kind of tales always live on the…

Dharker Studios Explains Why Adult Visual Novel Developers Stick With Steam Despite Bans
My Senpai

One of the big questions a lot of gamers have when developers repeatedly see their games getting banned from Steam…

My Girlfriend May Be Banned From Steam But The Wallpapers, Soundtrack, And Dakimakuras Aren’t
My Girlfriend

On March 13th, 2019 Valve banned the visual novel My Girlfriend from the Steam store. Dharker Studio’s romance VN was…

My Girlfriend Banned From Steam For Being Set In A College
My Girlfriend

Dharker Studios feared that Valve would ban My Senpai from Steam, so they decided to completely rewrite the game in…

My Senpai Visual Novel Gets Rewrites After My Girlfriend Gets Indefinitely Postponed On Steam
My Senpai

Another game has been held up indefinitely from release due to the review process by Valve. Dharker Studio recently informed…

Steam’s Content Filter For Sexy Games Is Months Away From Completion, According To Dev
Negligee Love Stories

Dharker Studio recently took to Twitter to update fans on the status of their upcoming games and why they haven’t…

Galaxy Girls, Uncensored Cosmic Adventure Now Available On Nutaku
Galaxy Girls

Nutaku announced that they have managed to secure the sexy new visual novel from Dharker Studios called Galaxy Girls. The…

Battle Girls 18+ VN About Beautiful Mech Pilots Is Available On Nutaku
Battle Girls

Dharker Studio announced that Battle Girls is officially available for PC over on Nutaku. The visual novel joins a host…

Army Gals, 18+ NSFW Visual Novel Adventure Arrives On Nutaku
Army Gals Visual Novel

An 18+, NSFW visual novel adventure game from Dharker Studios called Army Gals has launched on Nutaku for $13.00.

Negligee, Wild Romance Add Sex Appeal To Steam’s Fall Offerings

Two new visual novels have released on Steam recently, a visual novel called Negligee from Dharker Studio and a visual…

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