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Material Girl 2, The Last Girl, The Devil On G-String R18+ Patch All Banned From Steam
Banned From Steam

Handful of visual novels and their R18+ patches have been banned from Steam. One includes Banana King’s second attempt to…

My Erotic Summer Banned From Steam
My Erotic Summer

Valve continues to inconsistently apply their secret new censorship policies to certain games while allowing other games on the service….

My Erotic Summer Steam Release Delayed Indefinitely Due To Valve Review
My Erotic Summer

Dieselmine was supposed to release My Erotic Summer in December of 2018. December is almost over with though, and the…

Otaku’s Fantasy 2 Uncensored Patch Is Ripe And Ready For Download
Otaku Fantasy 2 - Uncensored Patch

DieselMine and SakuraGame’s Otaku’s Fantasy 2 (or Monmusu Conquered World) uncensored R18+ patch is available for download. The first Otaku’s…

Otaku’s Fantasy R18 Uncensored Patch Now Available For Download
Otaku's Fantasy Nude Mod

DieselMine and SakuraGame’s Otaku’s Fantasy is a ridiculously over-the-top comedic, sex-filled visual novel about an Otaku whose life changes suddenly…

Princess Serena: Raid Of Demon Legion Erotic JRPG Lands On Steam
Princess Serena

Dieselmine’s Princess Serena: Raid of Demon Legion recently launched for PC gamers over on the Steam store. The game dropped…

Twins Of The Pasture, Sexy Farming RPG Launches In Late July
Twins of the Pasture

An adult-themed, sexy farming sim from Dieselmine called Twins of the Pasture is scheduled to release in late July on…

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