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President Trump Calls For Regulation Of Violent Video Games
President Trump

It’s been said before but it needs saying again: gamers have no allies. The Left want games censored where they…

Reddit Quarantines The_Donald Sub-Reddit Ahead of Democratic Debates

The 2020 election machine is gearing up and just ahead of the Democratic debates taking place on June 26th, 2019…

Ravelry Knitting Community Bans Users From Supporting President Trump
Ravelry Donald Trump Ban

Ravelry, the social networking knitting community, openly announced on June 23rd, 2019 that users are no longer allowed to support…

President Donald Trump Is Asking For Examples Of Social Media Censorship
Trump Censorship

Given all the censorship happening across social media recently, President Trump and the White House have decided to crowdsource examples…

President Trump Says They’re Monitoring Social Media Censorship Of American Citizens
Trump Censorship

Social media censorship has been escalating to ridiculous degrees. Misgendering someone can get you banned from Twitter. Linking to banned…

Twitch Indefinitely Suspended User D_Trump_Apprentice69 Because The Username Was “Hate Speech”
Twitch Ban

Back in 2011 Twitch.tv user D_Trump_Apprentice69 created his account on the streaming service back when it was first getting off…

RPG.net Bans Users From Supporting President Donald Trump
RPG net

RPG.net has passed down a policy that prevents its users from supporting President Donald Trump or his policies.

President Trump Acknowledges Correlation Between Video Game Violence And Real Violence
White House Video Game Violence

Following the White House summit on March 8th, 2018 where anti-gaming activists and some of the CEOs from the AAA…

ESA Says Video Games Aren’t The Issue, America’s Gun Violence Is The Issue
Video Game Violence

President Donald Trump has been putting a strong focus on media and video game violence following the high school shooting…

Anita Sarkeesian Criticizes Trump For Anti-Violent Game Rhetoric, Despite Sharing Trump’s Views
Anita Sarkeesian Trump

Culture critic Anita Sarkeesian criticized President Donald Trump for his recent meetings and statements blaming violent video games and movies…

President Trump, Republicans Discuss Adding Terror Ratings To Video Games, Movies
Video Game Terror Ratings

In the ongoing discussion of regulating video games and movies, there was a meeting held with members of Congress in…

Polygon Vilifies Republicans For Blaming Video Games, Despite Polygon Blaming Video Games
Polygon Blames Video Games

Polygon has a long, sordid, politically motivated history of blaming video games for society’s ills. The outlet is known as…

Trump Targets Video Games While Republican Politician Introduces Video Game Tax Bill
Trump Censors Video Games

President Donald Trump and Republican state representative for the 28th District of Rhode Island, Robert A. Nardolillo III, are continuing…

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