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id Software Distance Themselves From Woke DOOM: Annihilation Movie
DOOM Annihilation SJW

Before DOOM: Annihilation even received its first movie trailer, the film was steeped in controversy surrounding identity politics after comments…

DOOM: Annihilation Movie Trailer Gets Woke With Some Girl Power
Doom Annihilation

DOOM: Woke Edition – oops, I mean DOOM: Annihilation is the upcoming flick based on the game series that we…

DOOM Movie Set Photos Showcase The Diverse Cast
DOOM (2019) Movie

New set photos from the upcoming 2019 release of DOOM – a direct-to-DVD low-budget flick from the director of SWAT:…

MAGFest Director Doesn’t Want Gamers At MAGFest After They Criticize New DOOM Movie

MAGFest executive director, Nicholas Marinelli, is a self-proclaimed Liberal. Marinelli recently made a public tweet on July 28th, 2018, curtly…

DOOM Movie Reboot Will Star Amy Manson, Nina Bergman
Doom movie

Universal is rebooting DOOM… not the game, but a movie based on the game. In fact, the movie is in…

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