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Rabbit Burn, R18+ Brawling Casino Game Is Ripe With Sexy Bunny Girls And It’s On Steam
Rabbit Burn

Bio Sapiens and Eroge Japan’s Rabbit Burn is one of the few sexy-time ero-games to launch on Steam in recent…

Gamble Fight Plus Launches On Steam; R18+ Nude Patch Available For Download Off-Site
Gamble Fight Plus

One Man Army and Eroge Japan recently released a 3D waifu-creating fighting game called Gamble Fight Plus. The basic gist…

SJWs Attempt To Get Trap Shrine Pulled From Steam, Saying ‘Trap’ Is Harmful To Trans
Trap Shrine

Some Social Justice Warriors are attempting to get Eroge Japan’s visual novel Trap Shrine removed from Steam and to force…

Trap Shrine Launches Censored On Steam, But The R18+ Patch Is Available For Download
Trap Shrine

Oh boy, there are going to be some triggered members of Anime News Network and ResetEra once they get a…

Seed Of The Dead, Erotic First-Person Shooter Brings Anime Girls And Zombies To Steam
Seed of the Dead

It’s not often we get the combination of super hot anime chicks with big boobs and ghastly undead creatures of…

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