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Congressman Ha Tae Kyung Seeks Prosecution For Griffin E-Sports Fraud, Illegal Contracts

There’s a massive corruption ring that’s slowly being unraveled in the realm of Korean e-sports thanks to some drama that…

Richard Lewis Calls Out Polygon, Kotaku For Fake News, Gatekeeping, Hit-Pieces
Richard Lewis

During this year’s Esports Awards 2019 ceremony, journalist Richard Lewis came away with the award as best e-sports journalist of…

Blizzard Bans American University Hearthstone Team For Supporting Hong Kong
Hearthstone Censorship

Blizzard temporarily banned the collegiate team, American University, from competing in official Hearthstone e-sports competition via a six-month suspension after…

Blizzard Reportedly Bans Post-Game Interviews, Player-Cams For Collegiate Hearthstone Broadcasts

Blizzard is reportedly instituting a soft ban on team player cameras and post-game interviews for Hearthstone for the time being….

Overwatch E-Sports Coach Justin Conroy Directed To Delete Tweet Critical Of Blizzard’s Censorship
Overwatch Censorship

All those associated with or connected to Blizzard Entertainment are under strict supervision when it comes to their social media…

Blizzard Suspends Blitzchung From Hearthstone Competition For Supporting Hong Kong
Hearthstone Blitzchung

The Chinese censorship news seems to keep bubbling up more and more to the surface of mainstream consciousness, if not…

Team Fortress 2 Competitive Trans Player Nursey Banned For Child Grooming
Team Fortress 2 - Nursey

Team Fortress 2 competitive player “Nursey” has been banned from various communities and leagues for child grooming. Nursey plays a…

Vic Mignogna Will Present Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament Award At Hawaii Con
Dragon Ball FighterZ Battle For The Pacific

Hawaii Con and Mekel Kasanova teamed up together to host a 40-entrant, double elimination Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament set to…

Capcom, FGC Organizers Ban Gllty, Chris Bahn From E-Sports Events For Sexual Misconduct

A flurry of allegations about sexual misconduct has spread around the fighting game community, with trans player Leah “Gllty” Hayes…

Apex Legends EXP Event Won’t Air On ESPN TV Due To Recent Shootings
Apex Legends

E-sports consultant Rod Breslau shared a news story that ABC and ESPN won’t be airing the Xgames Apex Legends EXP…

Alinity’s Cheating Nontroversy

Dexerto, the world’s largest provider of esports and new age entertainment news, videos and live broadcasting, recently ran an article…

Saved You A Click FGC Temporarily Locked Out Of Twitter For Satirizing SonicFox’s TERF Tweet
SonicFox Saved You A Click Suspended

[Update 5/20/2019:] Ebicentre, the one who runs the Saved You A Click FGC account, issued the following statement regarding the…

Dead Or Alive 6’s Censorship Toggle Was Added To Circumvent YouTube’s Demonetization, Says Tournament Committee
Dead or Alive 6

In the most recent update for Dead or Alive 6, Team Ninja added a feature called “Exposure Minimization”. What this…

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