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Anita Sarkeesian Is Going Broke
Anita Sarkeesian Get Woke Go Broke

Some videos have been popping covering the finances of Feminist Frequency, headed up by culture activist Anita Sarkeesian. The videos…

Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO Who Partnered With Feminist Frequency, Ousted Over Consensual Relationship
Brian Krzanich

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, had to step down recently over violating company policy by engaging in a consensual relationship with…

Feminist Frequency’s E3 Gender Breakdown Is Filled With Spurious Data
Feminist Frequency E3 2018 Female Statistics

Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency did a gender breakdown of E3 2018, outlining how many different playable characters were male or…

Anita Sarkeesian Attempts To Compare #GamerGate With Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby
Anita Sarkeesian GamerGate

Anita Sarkeesian, culture critic and creator of Feminist Frequency, has been in the news again for attacking #GamerGate and attempting…

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