Football Manager 2019 Cheats Give You Infinite Budget

Football Manager 2019 Cheats

Sega and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2019 has been one of the more popular entries in the series as the developers took a lot of the feedback from the previous year’s outing and basically improved on all of its faults to create something as content-rich and as strategically intense as possible, making it an easy fan-favorite. For those of you who own the game, there are some updated cheat trainers available for you to download. Continue reading “Football Manager 2019 Cheats Give You Infinite Budget”

Football Manager 2019 Review – Squad Rotation

Football Manager 19 Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article]

As I mentioned in my review of last years installment of Football Manager (Football Manager 2018) I’ve been playing Football Manager games since the outset – since before they were called Football Manager, even. As such, I’ve begun to notice certain patterns in the way that FM games develop from one year to the next. Sometimes, the changes are radical and as a result, the way that the game plays changes to such an extent that it has to be re-learned. FM 2018 was one such release, thanks to a raft of new introductions including Squad Dynamics, a new approach to tactics and tons more. Continue reading “Football Manager 2019 Review – Squad Rotation”

Football Manager 2019 Set To Launch On November 2nd For PC, iOS, Android

Football Manager 2019

Sega may have recently announced their GamesCom 2018 lineup and revealed that Football Manager 2019 won’t be playable on the show floor, but they did send out a second press release indicating that the game would be launching later this year during the fall for PC. More specifically, the game will release on PC, iOS, Mac, and Android devices starting November 2nd. Continue reading “Football Manager 2019 Set To Launch On November 2nd For PC, iOS, Android”

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