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GAB Bans Lolicon, Calling It “Demonic” “Garbage” [Updated]
GAB Bans Lolicon

[Update:] Following the publication of the article, CEO of GAB, Andrew Torba, made a post further clarifying the ban on…

5,000 Kenyans Flee To Gab.ai After Twitter Censors Popular Kenyan Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi
Gab ai

Social media site Gab.ai always seems to get a huge influx of new users whenever Twitter ups and bans a…

Gab.Ai Suing Google For Antitrust Violation
Gab vs Google

Back in August of 2017, Google banned the Gab.ai app from the Google Play store on the grounds that the…

Gab.Ai Forced To Censor Post After Registrar Company Issues Threat
GAB AI Censorship

The legal department from the registrar company, Instra Corporation, sent a threat to Gab.ai, demanding that they remove a post…

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