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Girls’ Frontline English Update Adds Recipe To Restore Uncensored Artwork
Girls Frontline Uncensored

Some of you may have been keeping track of the censorship that has plagued the Chinese and English versions of…

Girls’ Frontline Censors M1919A4 Loli Halloween Art For English Gamers
Girls Frontline Censorship

Sunborn Games’ Girls’ Frontline is a popular mobile game featuring a lot of waifu material. The title features lot of…

Girls’ Frontline Nude Mod Combats English Version Censorship
Girls Frontline Nude Mod

Sunborn Games may have censored the crap out of the English version of Girls’ Frontline, but you can always bet…

Girls’ Frontline’s English Version Gets Censored More Than The Chinese Version
Girls Frontline Censorship

Sunborn Games’ English version of Girls’ Frontline — which is a strategic mobile game where players train up hot anime…

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