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Hello Goodbye Returns To Steam After It Was Initially Banned With R18+ Off-Site Patch
Hello Goodbye

NekoNyan suffered a huge setback when the all-ages version of Hello, Goodbye was banned from Steam back in early December…

Hello, Goodbye Returns To Steam On April 18th After Being Banned Back In December
Hello Goodbye

NekoNyan Software announced that the all-ages version of Hello, Goodbye has been approved for release on Steam and will launch…

After Getting Banned From Steam, Hello Goodbye Launches On JastUSA, MangaGamer, Nutaku
Hello Goodbye

The all-ages version of NekoNyan Software’s Hello, Goodbye was banned from release on Steam. Valve has been cracking down on…

Valve Reneges On Not Being The Taste Police, Bans Hello Goodbye VN From Steam
Hello Goodbye

Another visual novel has been banned from the Steam store ahead of its supposed release this year. Lump of Sugar…

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