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Horizon: Zero Dawn Celebrates Second Birthday And 10 Million Copies Sold

Horizon: Zero Dawn celebrated its second birthday recently and, to celebrate, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst dropped some updated…

Horizon: Zero Dawn Added To Xploder Cheat Database For PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats

The Xploder Cheat System has been updtaed with 100 new game saves, including Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn. Some of…

Horizon: Zero Dawn Moves 7.6 Million Copies Over The Course Of A Year
Horizon Zero Dawn Sales

Guerrilla Games and Sony announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn moved 7.6 million copies over the course of an entire year….

Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Is Game Of The Year… Thank Goodness
The Legend of Zelda GOTY

SJWs in media have controlled what people see, hear, and think for the last half decade. They’ve distorted news, created…

Golden Joystick Awards Circlejerk Over Horizon: Zero Dawn And Legend Of Zelda
Horizon Zero Dawn Golden Joystick

The Golden Joystick awards have come and gone and the winners have been listed. Blues posted up the list and…

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Frozen Wilds Gameplay Walkthrough
Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds Walkthrough

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn has managed to receive its first and last DLC in the form of the Frozen…

Monster Hunter World Beta Hits PS4 Dec 9th, Will Feature Horizon’s Aloy
Monster Hunter Aloy

Capcom announced two things for the PlayStation 4 version of Monster Hunter World. First, they announced that you’ll be able…

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds DLC Will Be The Only DLC For The Game
Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC

Apparently Sony doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in the story expansions for Horizon: Zero Dawn because the game…

Horizon’s Frozen Wilds DLC Launches Nov 7 While Aloy Supports Gay Pride
Horizon - Aloy Gay

[Disclosure: The following article contains a paid promotional link] Guerrilla Games announced over on the PlayStation Blog that Horizon: Zero…

Horizon: Zero Dawn New Game Plus Added With Patch 1.30
Horizon Zero Dawn

The New Game+, Ultra Hard difficulty, new trophies, and new gear slots have all been added to Horizon: Zero Dawn…

U.N’s WIPO Negotiate On Making Cultural Appropriation Illegal
Horizon Zero Dawn Cultural Appropriation

The United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization is being summoned by lower government Social Justice Warriors to negotiate the possibility…

Neil Druckmann Isn’t Really Involved With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Development
Uncharted The Lost Legacy

During an interview between Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann and Guerrilla Games studio head Hermen Hulst, it was revealed…

PS4 Pro Gets Limited Edition Mass Effect Andromeda And Horizon Zero Dawn Designs

There is a limited edition PS4 Pro Design that has a pretty cool looking Mass Effect: Andromeda logo on it,…

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