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Pavor, Upcoming Horror Game Will Send Players To The Island Of Dolls

Belgium development team Helios Games has announced that they’re working on a creepy new horror game based on the real…

Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition Set To Slay On The Switch

Jason Voorhees is sharpening his machete and getting ready to terrorize a whole new crop of camp councilors as Gun…

Forgiveness, Escape Room Psychological Thriller Gets A Demo On Steam

Israeli developer Noam Matan Rotem announced that the first-person puzzle thriller, Forgiveness, has a free demo that’s currently available for…

Alien: Blackout Trailers Get Downvoted For Being A Mobile Five Nights At Freddy’s Clone
Alien Blackout

Well, it looks like we found out what the “Play” portion of “Read. Play. Watch.” stands for. FoxNext Games announced…

FoxNext Games Announces Alien: Blackout For iOS And Android Devices
Mobile alien game

Well, it looks like folks will be getting two Alien games. One from duo team D3 Go!, and Rival Games…

Pamali: Indonesian Foklore Horror’s First Episode Launches Dec 28th On Steam

StoryTale Studios and Maple Whispering Co., announced that Pamali: Indonesian Foklore Horror is set to release on Steam starting December…

Succubus, Uncensored Action-Horror Title Coming Soon To Steam

Madmind Studios announced that the spin-off to Agony Unrated, titled Succubus, is set to release fairly soon on Steam for…

Death Mark Censored On PS4, Nintendo Switch Due To ESRB
Death Mark Censorship

Back at the end of October Aksys Games and Experience Inc., released Death Mark for the Nintendo Switch and PS4….

Affected: The Manor, VR Horror Game Launches For PlayStation VR
Affected The Manor

An original VR horror game from Fallen Planet Studios that launched for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back in…

Syren Trailer Highlights Horror And Action-Survival PSVR Gameplay
Syren PS4

Two years ago the game Syren popped onto the scene with a trailer promoting the release on VR devices such…

Call of Cthulhu Review: Frog in Your Throat
Call of Cthulhu Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] Narrative adventure. Walking simulator. First person adventure game….

The Blackout Club, Co-op Horror Game Updated With New Missions, Monsters, And Fixes
The Black Out

Question released The Blackout Club into Early Access back on October 30th, 2018 as part of the Halloween festivities. The…

Lucius 3 Announced For PC, Set To Release December 13th For $19.99
Lucius 3

Shiver Games is back in a big way with Lucius III, the third outing in the horror trilogy centering around…

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