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House Party Sells 300,000 Copies In One Year
House Party

SJWs hated it, Right-wing Christians hated, Puritans from every corner of the interwebs hated, but gamers absolutely loved it. I’m…

House Party Returns To Steam Censored; Uncensored Patch Available For Download
House Party Censored

SJWs from the Regressive Left and the Religious Right complained to have House Party removed from Steam. The Right said…

SJWs Had House Party Removed From Steam Claiming It Was “Pornography”
House Party Censorship

[Update: House Party has been censored and is now back on Steam.] [Original story:] The comedic, raunchy adult adventure game…

House Party, Sexy 3D Game Removed From Steam Due To Complaints
House Party Censored

[Update: The developers state that certain groups complained to Valve that House Party was pornography and had it removed from…

House Party, Raunchy Uncensored Adult-Comedy Enters Early Access
House Party

Remember all those ridiculous teen sex comedies from back in the day that used to be really popular? The Animal…

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