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Hyper Universe PC Version Shutting Down December 19th
Hyper Universe Shutting Down

Nexon has announced that the English version of Hyper Universe is shutting down in North America starting this fall. The…

Hyper Universe Shutting Down In Korea On November 15th
Hyper Universe Shutting down

Nexon announced that the South Korean servers for Hyper Universe will be shutting down starting November 15th, 2018 next month….

Hyper Universe Mod Restores Boob Jiggle Physics
Hyper Universe Boobs

Nexon’s Hyper Universe was censored in order to appeal to easily offended people, oftentimes referred to as Social Justice Warriors….

Hyper Universe Launches In All Its Censored Glory On January 17th
Hyper Universe Launch

Following a debilitating censorship fiasco that curbed its playerbase quicker than Larry David could curb his enthusiasm, Nexon and Cwavesoft…

Hyper Universe Is Having Another Free Weekend As Player Numbers Continue To Drop
Hyper Universe

Nexon and Cwavesoft’s Hyper Universe got off to a promising start. The game was basically supposed to be the reinvention…

Hyper Universe Tries To Lure Gamers Back In With The Loli Witch Shasha
Hyper Universe

Just in time for Halloween, Nexon and Cwavesoft have announced that there is new content has arrived in the form…

Hyper Universe NEGAcensored Mod Ramps Up Lewdness To Trigger SJWs
Hyper Universe NegaCensored Mod

When Nexon and Cwavesoft announced that the portraits and physics in Hyper Universe would be toned down in the English…

Hyper Universe Won’t Have SJW Toggle Switch Because It Would Negate Censorship
Hyper Universe Censorship

One of the compromises gamers have been begging Nexon and Cwavesoft for in Hyper Universe is a toggle switch for…

Hyper Universe Devs To Censor Korean Version, Says Artwork Was Uncomfortable
Hyper Universe Censorship

[Update: Nexon has responded to requests for an SJW Mode and have declined it, saying it would negate their efforts…

Hyper Universe Females Get Censored; Uncensored Mod Surfaces
Hyper Universe Censored

[Update: Nexon has responded to requests for an SJW Mode, declining it on the grounds that it would negate their…

Hyper Universe, Side-Scrolling MOBA Enters Early Access August 24th
Hyper Universe

Nexon and Cwavesoft announced that Hyper Universe, the side-scrolling, PvP MOBA title, will enter into Early Access on Steam starting…

Hyper Universe, Side-Scrolling MOBA Playable at PAX South
Hyper Universe PAX South

Nexon and developer Cwavesoft announced recently that starting this weekend on January 27th, gamers will be able to get their…

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