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Bloody Chronicles Graduates From Early Access On Steam; R18+ DLC News Coming Soon
Bloody Chronicles

Igrasil Studio announced that the mystery-thriller visual novel, Bloody Chronicles, has officially graduated from Early Access on Steam. The game…

Project Eden JRPG Is Coming Soon To Steam… And It Will Have Waifus
Project Eden

Igrasil Studio, the makers of the murder-mystery visual novel Bloody Chronicles, teased an announcement for their next big project, a…

Bloody Chronicles R18+ DLC Will Launch On Steam As Soon As Devs Get Approval From Valve
Bloody Chronicles R18 DLC

The R18+ DLC patch for Bloody Chronicles is nearing release. The developers, Igrasil Studio, is planning on getting the patch…

Bloody Chronicles Now Available On Steam, R18+ DLC Coming Soon
Bloody Chronicles

While the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 rages on, some developers are still releasing games featuring lewd content and hot anime babes….

Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle Of Death Coming To Steam Dec 13th With 18+ Episode
Bloody Chronicles

Igrasil Studio recently opened up a page on Steam indicating that their murder-mystery visual novel, Bloody Chronicles: New Cycle of…

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