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Orgasm Girl Comic Book Lands On IndieGoGo
Orgasm Girl

Trisha Cuffari has a new crowdfunding campaign that’s currently live and gathering funds for a new comic book called Orgasm…

Blade Devil Pre-Launch Sign-Ups Go Live On IndieGoGo
Blade Devil

Mainstream comic books have been dying for some time, catering almost solely to people who don’t even read comic books….

Cecil Launches Cash Grab

If there was ever a project title granting complete immunity to the scammer were the project to indeed turn out…

Nina And Ariel Return To IndieGoGo With A Second Chance Campaign
Nina and Ariel

Back in July of 2018 we reported on long-time professional comic book artist, Ed Benes, branching out on his own…

Sexy Female Warrior Ana Ishikawa Returns in Shi: Return of the Warrior On IndieGoGo

Never pay heed to those claiming nerds, geeks, weebs or gamers hate female characters. No such problem ever existed in…

Iron Sights: 2 Psychos Comic IndieGoGo Shoots Past $15,000 Out Of The Gate
Iron Sights 2 Psychos

The people following #ComicsGate still seem to have a passion for solid comic book material. They have already successfully funded…

Kickstarter Denies Lonestar Comic Crowdfund For “Discriminating” Against MS-13
Lonestar vs Kickstarter

Mike S. Miller attempted to get his comic book Lonestar crowdfunded through Kickstarter. He was denied that opportunity by the…

Ardanna, Sexy Sword And Sorcery Comic IndieGoGo Campaign Is Cutting It Close
Ardanna Comic

Wyatt Holliday and D. Flores’ Aradanna is a new comic book IP set within the world of sword, sorcery, and…

Graveyard Shift Vol 2 Graphic Novel Rakes In $25,000 In One Day On IndieGoGo
Graveyard Shift Vol 2

Jon Malin’s Gravyard Shift managed to become an IndieGoGo success when it was originally launched back in October of 2018,…

Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG Comic Soars Past $78,000 On IndieGoGo
Jawbreakers God King IndieGoGo

Richard C. Meyer of Diversity and Comics fame is back with another crowdfunded project on IndieGoGo with a follow-up to…

Earthworm Jim Comic Nears $450,000 With Six Days Left On IndieGoGo
Earthworm Jim Comic

The crowdfunded Earthworm Jim: Launch The Cow comic book from Doug TenNapel is doing quite well on IndieGoGo. No, scratch…

MiKandi Japan And LINDA’s IndieGoGo Campaign Goes Live After Getting Booted From Kickstarter
Linda White

MiKandi Japan, PUSH! Publication, and LINDA were shafted by Kickstarter during the middle of their original crowdfunding campaign. However, the…

MiKandi Japan And LINDA Take White Secret Crowdfunding To IndieGoGo On May 20th
Linda project white secret kickstarter

MiKandi Japan, Push! Publication, and LINDA’s White Secret crowdfunding campaign to bring LINDA’s translated doujins to the West along with…

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