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Anti-GamerGate Critic, Joss Whedon, A Male Feminist Hypocrite, Says Ex-Wife
Joss Whedon GamerGate

A guest post on the site The Wrap from Joss Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, reveals that yet another staunchly anti-#GamerGate…

Mic, Millennial SJW Website Lays Off 25 Staff Members
Mic Downsizes

Mic, a self-proclaimed millennial website that caters toward “progressive” topics and attempts to court Social Justice Warriors, is laying off…

EFF Says Google, Cloudflare Banning Daily Stormer Website Is Dangerous
Daily Stormer

The Electronic Frontier Foundation may not have given #GamerGate a fair shake, but they seem to be willing to give…

Reddit Video Enters Beta, Offers Alternative To YouTube
Reddit Video

People have been asking for an alternative to YouTube for ages. First it was DailyMotion but that didn’t last long….

CBC’s The Current Misidentifies #GamerGate As A Harassment Campaign

An episode of The Current from CBC Radio, featuring Anna Maria Tremonti, purposefully misidentified #GamerGate as a harassment campaign during…

Kotaku Apologizes To SJWs Who Harassed Their Writer
Kotaku Apologizes to SJWs

Social Justice Warriors unequivocally excoriated Kotaku, their writer Laura Kate Dale, and John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, recently. Why? Laura Kate Dale…

SJWs Attack Kotaku Writer For Interviewing TotalBiscuit

[Update: Kotaku has issued an apology to the SJWs who attacked and harassed their writer] [Original article:] Anita Sarkeesian led…

Atari Partners With LGBTQutie To Relaunch Pridefest App
Atari LGBTQutie

Part of Atari’s rebranding, relaunch, and reinvigoration on the market includes teaming up with social justice activist company, LGBTQutie. This…

Twitter’s Selective Censorship Continues With /pol/ News Forever
pol news forever suspended

The social media account for the politically incorrect imageboard /pol/, appropriately called /pol/ News Forever, was recently suspended for undisclosed…

Too Early To Judge Nintendo Switch Success, Says Michael Pachter
Nintendo Switch Sales

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been one of the leading voices of Nintendoom for a decade, and he’s…

Twitter Permanently Bans Sargon Of Akkad’s Account
Twitter Censorship

Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin’s official Twitter account has been permanently suspended, which effectively bans him from making use of…

Inside GamerGate Interview: Media Lies, Gamedropping And Culture Wars
Inside GamerGate

Inside GamerGate: A Social History of the Gamer Revolt is currently available right now on Amazon for $4.99. The 202-page,…

Blizzard’s Diversity Initiative Aims To Hire More Women, Minorities
Overwatch SJW

Blizzard Entertainment is apparently adopting Google’s corporate policies when it comes to embracing “multiculturalism” and “diversity”. The company apparently has…

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