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Slave’s Sword 2 Launches On Steam; R18+ Patch Available For Download
Slave's Sword 2

Kagura Games and Circle Poison announced that Slave’s Sword 2 is currently available for purchase from over on the Steam…

Kunoichi Botan R18+ Patch Available For Steam Release
Kunoichi Botan

Some developers have become wise to Valve’s inconsistent enforcement of their adult filter policy. Some games have been banned from…

Seed Of Evil Arrives On Steam With R18+ Adult Patch Download
Seed of Evil

Hasoyua and Kagura Games announced that Seed of Evil is currently available on the Steam store right now for $12.99….

Treasure Hunter Claire Uncensored 18+ Patch Available For Steam Version
Treasure Hunter Claire Uncensored

Acerola and Kagura Games’ Treasure Hunter Claire is currently currently available for download over on the Steam store right now…

Lilipalace And R18+ Patch Available For Download
Lilipalace R18 Uncensored Patch

Kagura Games and Tunnel No. 73’s Lilipalace is currently available for download right now from over on the Steam store…

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