Kitchener Con Details Years of Harassment From SJWs

Kitchener Con

Kitchener Con made headlines recently for inviting popular voice actor Vic Mignogna to their convention. This resulted in the #KickVic crowd to slither out from the between the slimy moss of their mud-covered huts in the stench-ridden groves of social media to lob falsehoods and defamation at the convention organizers. Instead of bending the knee to the whims of the Social Justice Warriors that make up the remnants of #KickVic, they stood their ground and held true to their beliefs. Continue reading “Kitchener Con Details Years of Harassment From SJWs”

#KickVic Harassers Defame Kitchener Comic Con For Inviting Vic Mignogna

Kitchener Con

Vic Mignogna has a far kinder soul than most people on the face of the planet. The actor has endured an entire year’s worth of libel, slander, defamation, and unsubstantiated accusations that have cost him several jobs and appearances at some anime conventions. Fans, however, have stuck by his side in the face of the attempts from Cancel Culture cultists to deplatform and remove him from the anime industry. In fact, it was the rallying cry and swelled positivity from fans that convinced Kitchener Con in Canada to invite the voice actor to their convention, and they received a substantial amount of harassment and defamation for their actions. Continue reading “#KickVic Harassers Defame Kitchener Comic Con For Inviting Vic Mignogna”

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