Patreon To Deplatform Lewd Logistics

Lewd Logistics

The crackdown on porn continues. There are lots of people who keep saying that porn is fine. Porn is safe. “They won’t come for porn”, they retort. However, slowly but surely any kind of porn that doesn’t include the kind of propaganda big tech is trying to push onto the people seems to be getting wiped out, slowly. After Patreon updated their policies, disallowing certain kinds of fetishes from being featured on the platform, they’ve been targeting various artists who draw content that they don’t even want people seeing, supporting, or sharing in any capacity. One such porn artist is Lewd Logistics, who has been told that he has to either remove all of his content and change his art, or find another financial provider. Continue reading “Patreon To Deplatform Lewd Logistics”

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