Anime News Network Launches a Preemptive Censorship and Gaslighting Campaign for Redo of Healer

(Warning This article contains minor spoilers for Redo of Healer)

Christmas came early this year with the announcement that Redo the Healer would get an anime adaptation. Redo of Healer, or as it is known in Japan, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, is a series that started as a light novel before being adapted into a successful manga. Similar to Shield Hero, the main protagonist experiences an insane level of hardship before realizing he can use his healing magic to reset the world by four years. Granting him the opportunity to right the wrongs he experienced and witnessed.


At this point, you may be wondering what could possibly have the perpetually offended up in arms. To put it succinctly, Keyaru’s vengeance is rather brutal. One character who raped him after he was raped, drugged, and abused by multiple people, including a male hero, he rapes before altering her memories, so she will never even know she was raped.

This has, according to reporting from Sankaku Complex, sent the Anime New Networks CEO, along with the outlet’s Chief Editor into a preemptive censorship and gaslighting campaign.

This series is certain to cause a lot of controversy, and Anime News Network welcomes and encouraged discussion of this anime and even the social issues that it touches upon. However rape is never an acceptable punishment and we will not tolerate any posts that even remotely suggest that it is.

Furthermore we will not tolerate posts that take glee in the controversy that this show is likely to cause, nor will we tolerate any posts that appear to be trollish or baiting in nature.

Finally, we ask that all posters be considerate of those who may read these threads and have past traumatic experiences.

Failure to abide by this will result in immediate and permanent removal from our community.

Discussion or criticism of this policy may be made in the feedback forum.

Christopher Macdonald

Anime News Network Publisher

As for the controversy the series has generated, it is not for everyone. As previously stated, the protagonist gets revenge in some pretty heinous ways. To such a degree it is perplexing how this show got greenlit for an official anime release and should raise concern if the series will dumbed down the plot as Shield Hero previously did.

What Anime News Network is not telling you is the people he gets revenge on are absolutely despicable. In particular, the two princesses of the kingdom delight in raping, drugging, and breaking the main character in the original timeline. Flare, the first princess of Jioral Kingdom, uses the main character as a pack mule. When he is not carrying their stuff, he is a literal training dummy for her lackeys. She routinely beats him and gets him addicted to a drug that he has to do tricks like a dog if he wants access.

Her sister and second princess of the Jioral Kingdom was considerably nicer to Keyaru. Only raping him after witnessing her sister didn’t entirely break him. Don’t mistake her for anything approaching decent. During their war with the Demon Lord, she poisons a captured city and orders three others to be burnt to the ground by her sister. All that to hinder reinforcements that might arrive and liberate the cities.

Also on display is a homosexual who rapes and abuses both men and women. Alongside him is a pedophile who, when his victims become too old, kills and taxidermies them. Preserving their youthful beauty for all eternity.

Perhaps if they were not ignorant of the source material, they would be aware that both Shield Hero and Redo of Healer take staunch anti-slavery stances. In the latter, slavery and abuse become the driving point of the ongoing hostilities between demi-humans and humans. Naofumi’s need for a slave makes vastly more sense in the original print and manga as his life is considerably worse and mistreated. Placing him in a position where his only option is to have a partner who will not question his commands. Without spoiling what will happen in Redo of Healer there is an entire arc involving slavery that ends in spectacular fashion.

If the anime adaptation sticks true to the source material, Christmas will indeed have come early. Like Shield Hero, it tackles serious issues from a male perspective without sugar-coating the world or his driving motivations. If it succeeds, it will demonstrate a market demand for more mature works, so publishers will be less likely to shy away from “controversial” works. As a bonus, it’ll rile up the perpetually offended who will be unable to do anything about the series success—a triple win.

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