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Mary Skelter 2 Rated And Released In Australia After Originally Being Banned
Mary Skelter 2

Back in October of 2019 we wrote about how Idea Factory International informed international audiences living in the land down…

Mary Skelter 2 Banned In Australia Due To Classification Board
Mary Skelter 2 Banned

Idea Factory International confirmed recently that Mary Skelter 2’s English release won’t be making it to the land down under…

Mary Skelter 2 Purification Videos Keep It Lewd For Nintendo Switch
Mary Skelter 2

Sony forced the developers to remove the Purification System in Mary Skelter 2 for the PS4. Nintendo, however, isn’t stepping…

Mary Skelter 2 Heading Uncensored To The West For Nintendo Switch
Mary Skelter 2 Nintendo Switch

Idea Factory International recently announced that Mary Skelter 2 is heading to the West for the Nintendo Switch, this comes…

Mary Skelter 2 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch With Touchscreen, HD Rumble Support
Mary Skelter 2

Compile Heart announced during a livestream event that the sexy JRPG Mary Skelter 2: God’s Prison Tower will be launching…

Sony Has Mary Skelter 2’s Purification System Censored In Chinese Version, Causing Major Bugs
Mary Skelter 2 Censorship

Chinese gamers are reporting that Sony’s censorship policy has allegedly extended to the Chinese versions of games, including Mary Skelter…

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