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Mekazoo, Neon-Themed 3D Platformer Set For Launch November 15th

Good Mood Creators announced that their 3D platformer based on retro 2D platformers called Mekazoo, will launch on November 15th….

Mekazoo Enters Closed Beta Testing; Sign-Ups Are Live

You can sign-up to participate in the limited closed beta test for the upcoming 3D platformer, Mekazoo. The 2.5D game…

Mekazoo’s Sizzle Trailer Confirms Summer Release On Xbox One, PS4, PC

The Good Mood Creators recently released a new trailer for Mekazoo, a game that features a multitude of playable animals…

Mekazoo Co-op Revealed, Features Transforming Animals With 3D Platforming

Imagine a little bit of Chameleon Twist with Gex and a dash of Pandemonium and you get The Good Mood…

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